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Benedetta Di Paolo
April 4, 2022

Benedetta Di Paolo and her love of art

The founder of Exclusivam presents Sandro Gorra's exhibition in Pietrasanta

Sandro Gorra LUCIO DETTO LUCIDO dettaglio Piazza del Duomo Pietrasanta

Sandro Gorra, artist, creative and art director from Milan, extends an invitation to lightness, to smile, to be surprised to Pietrasanta with the exhibition curated by Gianluca Marziani, Sandro Gorra. L’arte dell’attimo, on until June 5th.  “His message to live without losing a sense of irony, and look at the world with humanity, captivated me immediately” – said Benedetta Di Paolo of Exclusivam, who has supported the project since its inception. “The choice of materials, the technology and study that lie behind each of his works are a veritable hymn to creativity, and this experience shared with the artist and Laura Tartarelli’s gallery has truly been a great journey.

The exhibition is co-organized by Pietrasanta Town Council in collaboration with the Laura Tartarelli Contemporary Art gallery, sponsored by the Tuscany regional government and Lucca provincial government, and supported by the Monini, Attilio Bindi, Henraux, Malagoli and Fonderia Artistica Versiliese companies. 

Sandro Gorra LA GIRAFFA NUDA Chiesa Sant Agostino Pietrasanta

 “I’ve always had an active relationship with art - I love the beauty that the works recount, and surrounding myself with them in my private life. This passion has also become my work - I believe that technology and innovation can be combined with other forms of creativity. I think that sharing is a winning strategy, and today more than ever the value of art needs to be shown to be not only a sector of our economy and part of our identity, but also a driving force for a rebirth that starts precisely from beauty” adds Benedetta, who with her extensive experience in the luxury sector, has created an innovative company which plans events with a strong cultural content, where beauty is nothing less than the main business.  

The long-standing relationship and mutual esteem between Exclusivam and the Laura Tartarelli Contemporary Art gallery gave rise to this collaboration for the Pietrasanta exhibition, and a new exhibition of Sandro Gorra’s works is already scheduled for the coming autumn. 

Around the Versilia town we can witness a gentle, colourful invasion bearing Sandro Gorra’s signature - forty-two works including pictorial works, illustrations and sculptures ranging from monumental to medium and small, placed in different key sites around the town’s historic center, from Piazza del Duomo to Piazza Carducci, up to the Church and cloisters of Sant’Agostino, and on to the Laura Tartarelli Contemporary Art gallery in via del Marzocco. We met Sandro Gorra to learn about his art and his personal all-round creative path. 

Sandro Gorra BALLERINA Chiesa di Sant Agostino Pietrasanta

Irony and moment: what do these two words mean for Sandro?

Irony is a language that allows you to express emotions told with notes of intense color. Language that wastes no time and becomes a smile, communication, drama, even poetry.  Moment is the strength of the split second that encapsulates a story in an instant. A moment in our never ending story.

A third word, poetry...

There is a close link between word and image: to quote Horace, ut pictura poësis, as in painting so in poetry. Each of my works is accompanied by a text with precise connotations, in which one helps the other in understanding and achieving emotion.

A big scattered exhibition: can you tell us your favourite or the one that has the greatest impact?

Certainly, Grande Max, four tons of statuary marble to depict an act of love of a great giraffe towards its latest arrival. 

Giraffes who lose their spots. What does it mean?

Change as the only certainty in our life. But they are also tied to a significant sustainability project.

Tell us about your relationship with the area’s DNA, that you recount through materials, craftsmanship and new processes.

In Pietrasanta I found marble at its purest, bronze with centuries’ old patina, the creativity of resin, steel with its strength. And also encounters with the artists and craftsmen of Versilia, the discovery of a surprising humanity. The area in which you work invites you to express your art in different ways.

What is in your future, more art?

Always. No creativity, no happiness.

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