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The Blue Banana
July 27, 2021

The Blue Banana: Giuseppe Veneziano in Pietrasanta

A site-specific exhibition by one of today's most famous pop artists

The Blue Banana, a major exhibition designed for Piazza Duomo and the historic centre of Pietrasanta by pop artist__ Giuseppe Veneziano__. The event is divided into a path of discoveries and revelations among fourteen monumental works, all born and made in the artisan workshops and foundries of Pietrasanta, confirming the role of the city in the history of modern and contemporary sculpture.

The artist

The title of the exhibition is that of the large sculpture in the centre of Piazza Duomo and alludes to the economic-financial dimension of Western Europe, defined through the great political capitals, from London to Frankfurt, from Paris to Brussels, from Basel to Milan and Turin. Veneziano 'draws' a megalopolis in the geography of the Old Continent, identifying how the productive area has taken the shape of a 'banana' recognisable in the 'blue' of the European Union. In the work, the economic and political reference merges with the contemporary artistic one, where the banana refers to one of Andy Warhol's Pop Art icons, the symbol of the famous Velvet Underground & Nico album cover.

The Skate Pope - Giuseppe Veneziano

Alongside the exhibition's symbolic sculpture, other figures linked to the collective imagination: : Dante Alighieri - whose 700th death anniversary falls this year - intent on writing his Divine Comedy on a Macbook laptop, Dolce and Gabbana, following in the footsteps of the other famous Italian-English artistic couple Gilbert & George, Charlie Chaplin with Venus, Snow White the Assassin, Michelangelo's David, Spider Man with his son and, finally, on the parvis of Sant'Agostino, Papa Francesco.

The Murder of Grumpy - Giuseppe Veneziano

The Blue Banana exhibition project is completed at Futura Art Gallery, which will display Giuseppe Veneziano's works on canvas, transforming the exhibition space into a contemporary picture gallery with the artist's most iconic pieces.

La Selva Oscura - Giuseppe Veneziano

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