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Studio Bojola
December 4, 2023

10 gift ideas to amaze your loved ones

Handcrafted and Made in Tuscany thoughts for your Christmas gifts to friends and family

Are you looking for handcrafted thoughts that will amaze your friends and family? We'll give you some ideas, taking you on a tour of handcrafted boutiques, capable of creating true masterpieces of beauty.

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1. Studio Bojola Double coloured ‘Palmi’ glass box - 240 euro -

Studio Bojola

2. Superduper Masculine unisex handmade hat - 420 euro -


3. Ginori 1735 Rajathra Palace scented candle - 155 euro -

Ginori 1735

4. Faliero sarti + flair Pelxiglass and fabric vase - 300 euro -

Faliero sarti + flair

5. Frenzlauer Flyer Plissè Medium Choco bag - 590 euro -


6. Lucia Volentieri Modular Landscape - 280 euro -

Lucia Volentieri

7. Il Bisonte Bigallo nathural leather case - 170 euro -

Il Bisonte

8. Loretta Caponi Deer cushion - 300 euro -

Loretta Caponi

9. Mario luca giusti Sister Rosetta crystal carafe - 120 euro -

Mario Luca Giusti

10. Pineider Leather-bound trunk - 24.200 euro -


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