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Tramvia Firenze (ph. Dario Garofalo)
March 31, 2023

3 guided itineraries to discover a contemporary Florence with the Tramvia

Special itineraries signed Tram-e-d'Arte to experience even the lesser-known face of the city

A new way to experience Florence and its lesser-known but fascinating face, as well as its more contemporary side, which is too often overlooked and is instead becoming increasingly characteristic of the city

The site (in Italian/English) is dedicated to Florence outside the historic centre. Through previously unpublished images and curiosities, it describes the places of interest within a radius of about 1.5 km (20 minutes on foot) from the various tramway stops, the new major artery connecting the heart of the city with its extension.

The project - for the time being inclusive of the T1 line (26 stops from Villa Costanza to Careggi) and the T2 line (12 stops from Unità d'Italia to Peretola), but which will be expanded with the opening of the next lines of the Florentine tramway - is conceived and by Caterina Paolucci and Olivia Turchi for Associazione Via Maggio, and realised by Gruppo Editoriale, with the contribution of the Florence City Council's Tourism Department and the Fondazione CR Firenze. The official guides are Sara Papini (coordinator), Viola Duse and Eleonora Fornara.

About 200 places of interest are already available, divided into five categories - Top Attractions, Museums and Churches, Parks and Sports, Shows and Culture, and Shops and Markets - including sacred or cultural buildings such as the Russian Orthodox Church of the Nativity, the first on Italian territory, or the Medici Villa in Careggi where Lorenzo the Magnificent died, as well as centres of entertainment that are expressions of contemporary architecture such as the majestic Palace of Justice in Novoli and the Manifattura Tabacchi, an exceptional example of the recovery of a former industrial space that has become a true 'centre outside the centre', the extraordinary Stibbert Museum, or even ancient churches, guardians of precious and unexpected works of art, magnificent parks and street art works by some of the best known urban artists, as well as sports centres, universities and Natural Shopping Centres.

The visits take place along three itineraries:

  • From Santa Maria Novella Station, considered a true masterpiece of Italian Rationalism, to the discovery of the precious treasures between past and present in Novoli. The San Donato park is not only a green area for the neighbourhood community but a pleasant escape from the city traffic between the university campus and the courthouse. The tour ends at the library of the social sciences pole, discovering special and unknown works of art.

  • From the Parco mediceo delle Cascine to the little island, discovering the history, nature and protagonists of this 'model district' of Florence. A popular neighbourhood born after the war, which saw the work of artists of the calibre of Michelucci, with the construction of uniquely styled houses surrounded by greenery. Nature dominates the Isolotto district where people like the artist Virgilio Sieni have decided to settle. Then there is street art, a stone's throw from a 13th century tower house and the school in the woods.

  • From the Stazione Leopolda to the Giardino dell'Orticoltura (Horticultural Garden), where you can climb up to the Orti del Parnaso (Parnassus Gardens) to fill your eyes with a magnificent panorama of the city, passing through the exclusive discovery and visit of the Palazzo dei Pittori (Painters' Palace). An itinerary that will highlight the years of Florence Capital of Italy, the Poggi restoration plan, alongside excellences of contemporary Florentine living among art, culture and nature. There will also be room for a walk along the course of the Mugnone, discovering gems such as the Russian Orthodox Church. At the end of the tour you can enjoy a unique view of the city from a very special panoramic terrace.

Visits take place from 10am to 12.30pm on Saturdays and Sundays, and can be booked HERE.

Saturday 15 April: Itinerary 1
Sunday 16 April: Itinerary 3
Saturday 29 April: Itinerary 2
Saturday 13 May: Itinerary 3
Saturday, 27 May: Itinerary 1
Saturday 10 June: Itinerary 2
Sunday 11 June: Itinerary 1
Sunday 30 April: Itinerary 1
Sunday 14 May: Itinerary 2
Sunday 28 May: Itinerary 3

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