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April 7, 2023

5 itineraries to do on foot in the Oltrarno area

From Arcetri to Bellosguardo, our tour of nature and beauty

It is time to slow the pace and connect with the healthy and genuine nature that dot Florence. In fact, beyond the centre, Florence holds infinite secrets of beauty: paths and trails that surround the city like a treasure map. Today we take you on a discovery of routes to walk among the splendid hills that embrace the Oltrarno.

Here is an itinerary to discover the most beautiful monuments in the centre, here the panoramic viewpoints where you can admire the city from above, and here the most beautiful trekking and walking routes to discover the wonders of Florence.

Arcetri Astrophysical Observatory Gardens

The Hill of Arcetri

An evocative walk on the Hill of Arcetri full of memories that bring to mind personalities such as Galileo, the scrutator of the universe, and Michelangelo, who worked to raise the walls to defend Florence from the siege laid in 1529 by imperial troops. The walk starts from Piazzale del Poggio Imperiale, the villa that was the residence of kings and emperors. You will admire splendid villas, surrounded by cypress trees, stupendous views towards the valley, the Arcetri Observatory, ancient towers and farmhouses scattered on the hillocks, in a continuous contact with nature. Average walking time, approx. 80 min.

Arcetri Observatory

The Hill of Montici

The Colle di Montici, exceeding 200 metres in height, is the highest of all those on the left bank of the Arno. From its summit, the landscape appears vast and spectacular. Having parked the car in Via di Rusciano, in the Ricorboli area, one enters on the left into Via Benedetto Fortini beside the high wall of the park of the Villa di Rusciano. The panorama along the route is magnificent with the road rising and falling gently. The countryside is beautiful with its vegetable gardens and fields, while all around the deep silence and solitude make the city seem far away. Average walking time, about 2 h 30 min.

Il Colle di Montici

The Hill of Bellosguardo

The meadow of the Strozzino, the square of Bellosguardo and the villa dell'Obrellino are places familiar to all Florentines and nature lovers for their charm. The walk starts from the piazzetta of San Francesco di Paola, in front of the church dedicated to the saint. Next to the convent stands the imposing villa known as La Torre. Continuing along the itinerary we encounter splendid villas and places such as the so-called "curva dell'Oh" (Oh curve), a point where, suddenly discovering the magnificent view of Florence, it is impossible to hold back an exclamation of amazement. Average walking time, about 90 min.

la splendida collina di bellosguardo

The Marignolle hill

The hill of Marignolle lies beyond the hill of Bellosguardo and slopes gently down towards the river of Greve. Because of its location, it is little known by Florentines. The walk starts from the small square of Santa Maria a Marignolle, which can be reached by exiting through Porta Romana and walking along Via Ugo Foscolo and then all of Via Santa Maria a Marignolle to the widening in front of the church. Average walking time, about 2 hours.

Il Colle di Marignolle

Via del Podestà and the Galluzzo hill

The walk starts from the large Piazza Niccolò Acciaiuoli, at Galluzzo, from which one accesses Via del Podestà, which climbs gently up the small hill between San Gaggio, San Felice a Ema and Galluzzo. Along the way, one encounters the Palazzo del Podesta, the Palagio dei Corbinelli, the Monastero al Portico as well as the Ville Feri, Bottai, Poggio al Portico and the Favorita. Average walking time, approx. 60 min.

Certosa del Galluzzo

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