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April 2, 2021

A family passion: Porsche

The new director Luigi de Vita Tucci tells us about the projects of Porsche PWP center in Tuscany and the cars coming out in 2021

New year, new projects, new cars. The Porsche brand never ceases to surprise. In fact, thanks to our interview with Luigi de Vita Tucci (the director), we present the latest models coming and the new programs of the company.
Enjoy watching!

- Passion
The passion for Porsche was born when I was a child. I started collecting model cars, because I was given model cars as gifts and I only wanted the Porsche ones.
I started as an intern in Porsche Financial Services and after 21 years in the structures of the parent company, I was offered this opportunity to join a private group representing the Porsche brand but outside the organization.

The inimitable Porsche brand

- Project
My choice was very important in the project. The project is important.
At the moment, as you know, we have the Porsche center in Florence, which is the historical headquarters, and we had a service center in Arezzo. Around June, we are going to open a 5,000-square-meter facility completely dedicated to "factory used" cars and to assistance. In addition, news of a few hours ago, we have also obtained the mandate to become a service center for classic cars.
Our investment program for 2022 sees the opening of an additional Porsche dealership in Tuscany. At the moment I prefer to keep the location secret, but I believe it will allow us to cover 100% of a land that is very important for Porsche (and which is also very large).
The product has always been Porsche's strong point; both as regards the two-door cars (therefore the purely sporty cars), but also as regards the four-door and now also the new electric range.

New models

- Models coming out
2021 is an important year for Porsche. It's an important year, because we're going to introduce new models a bit across the board. As for the 911 (which is the most iconic product, the trademark of Stuttgart) will come out the new GT3, which (among other things, speaking of sportsmanship) gets better results than the previous GT3 in RS version.
We are going to introduce the GTS.
As for Cayenne, the Cayenne GT will be launched.
For electric cars, the Tyger Cross Turismo will be launched.
And, towards the end of the year, there will be a release regarding the Macan.
So it's really a tight schedule that allows us to go and satisfy even more all the possible demands of our customers.

Porsche is looking for the customer's dream car

-Porsche Classic
Classic collecting means passion and it means history.
As I said, this car is important to me because it is a 24E targa from '72 (which is also my year of birth). So many customers also tie their memories and passions to the cars they were driving at the time.
I was the first to start it with the Porsche Centers in Milan, which were the first Classic Centers in Italy. It's something that fascinates you and binds you very much to the customer, because there are a thousand services that you can offer at Classic. Not only coupons or the management of the car, but also complete restorations (like this car that was restored here at the Porsche Center in Florence and that will participate in the next restoration competition of Porsche Italy). But also the possibility to go and look for the customer's dream car. Finding it, seeing what condition it's in, suggesting a purchase, bringing it back to Italy, coordinating a restoration program together, and giving the customer a car that looks exactly as it did the day it left the factory.

The director Luigi de Vita Tucci

- Relationship with Florence
Among other things, for me the company's relationship with the city is fundamental. It has been in all the experiences I've had before and even more so, in a land that is a bit sanguine and of great enthusiasts (like Tuscany), it will be fundamental. We made a shot with the whole product range to pay homage to the city and, to pay homage to traditions, we named a footballer for each team (because historical Florentine soccer is a sort of religion for you). We liked this link between technology (hence our cars) and tradition, history (hence the footballers).

Centro Porsche, una foto con i calcianti del Calcio Storico a Santa Croce