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Noalya San Valentino
February 10, 2022

A special Valentine's Day with Noalya chocolate

Celebrate Love by pairing wine and chocolate at the end of the meal, with Tessieri's refined cocoa creations.

Contrary to an ancient belief the matching of wine with chocolate is one of the most exalting most exalting gourmet experiences of modern gastronomy. It is enough to know how to do it and this experience will be unforgettable. Few and simple rules, but fundamental for the evening of Saint Valentine's Day. Yes, because at the end of a romantic dinner it is not very healthy to get heavy with high-calorie cakes, more suited to put the senses to sleep rather than to awaken them. Nothing better, therefore, than to conclude with a taste of excellent and real chocolate, maybe with a high content of cocoa. Theobromine, the typical alkaloid of cocoa, has stimulating effects which join those of caffeine, also contained in cocoa in very low doses, the right ones, in short. Chocolate satisfies, intrigues, satisfies and stimulates the senses. What could be better for the night of Valentine's Day?


But what kind of chocolate? We are talking about cultivated chocolate, wisely controlled from the beginning in the harvesting of cocoa beans, fermentation, roasting and processing. A chocolate such as Noalya, produced by Tessieri in Ponsacco, Tuscany, from their own plantations in Venezuela, which even in the highest percentages is not bitter at all, but rather has creaminess and enveloping flavors and scents, with evidence of berries or hazelnuts and almonds or tropical precious woods, up to coffee and aromatic herbs. A romantic dinner also ends with a toast and let's see which are the most suitable wines for the matching with chocolate: Tawny Port, aged for a longer time in cask, Marsala, Madeira, Sherry or Malaga. Among passito wines are Tuscan Vin Santo, Montefalco Sagrantino Passito or the Passito di Pantelleria. For sparkling wines there is Brachetto d'Acqui.

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