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Artigianato e Palazzo
July 27, 2023

Artigianato e Palazzo 2023

From September 15 to 17 in the setting of Giardino Corsini appointment with the XXIX edition of the event dedicated to craftsmanship excellence

From 15 to 17 September 2023, ARTIGIANATO E PALAZZO returns to the Giardino Corsini in Florence, the exhibition promoted by the Associazione Giardino Corsini, of which Sabina Corsini is president, together with Neri Torrigiani, the creator and organiser of the exhibition. Every year, the exhibition brings to the attention an original new selection of the highest craft tradition, with a special focus on the emerging generations, selected from Italy and Europe.

Corsini Garden


ARTIGIANATO E PALAZZO offers an unprecedented journey among the protagonists of yesterday's and today's artisan culture - from craftsmen to artdesigners - along a route that winds its way through the Lemon Grove of the Renaissance Garden and some rooms of Palazzo Corsini. Animated by exhibitions, installations, workshops and events, it offers an opportunity to reflect on the role of the artisan in contemporary society.

The Corsini Garden was designed by the Roman architect Gherardo Silvani

This year the visual narrative reveals different perspectives of savoir-faire through the dialogue of three major projects featuring Métiers d'Excellence LVMH, Artex, and Starhotels.

"With this trio of aces, we want to offer an opportunity to deepen and engage young people on different aspects of high craftsmanship by emphasizing its value and its capacity for innovation. It is a matter of culture before resources: we need vision and knowledge if we want to guarantee a future for our Arts and Crafts, in the face of a world confronted with artificial intelligence," say Sabina Corsini president of the Corsini Garden Association and Neri Torrigiani organizer of the Exhibition.

Sabina Corsini, President of the Giardino Corsini Association producer of the annual event dedicated to high craftsmanship Artigianato e Palazzo, this year from 16 to 19 September


Materia e Virtuosismo is the title of the group exhibition created as part of the Galleria dell'Artigianato project, which has been presenting themes and performers of Tuscan excellence in Italy and abroad since 2005 and has for years benefited from the scientific curatorship of Jean Blanchaert. The exhibition is promoted by Artex - Centro per l'Artigianato Artistico e Tradizionale della Toscana (Center for Artistic and Traditional Craftsmanship of Tuscany) and is set up in the Spazio Focus designed by Studio Lavanguardia.

The exhibition aims to show, enhance, publicize and admire the exceptional levels that experience and technique reach when they generate true masterpieces, which arouse the desire to be treasured by present and future generations to continue to be admired over time. Symbols of man's infinite creative abilities, and his striving to know and challenge the limits of matter.

ARTEX Società cooperativa Artieri Alabastro - Galleria dell'Artigianato 2010 - Archivio Artex

Starhotels brings to Giardino Corsini's Limonaia Grandi Maestri La Grande Bellezza - The Dream Factory, the contemporary patronage project promoted by the Florentine hotel group for the enhancement of Italian high craftsmanship. On display are the creations signed by designer Sara Ricciardi, born from the virtuous contamination between craftsmanship and hospitality of excellence. The precious linen tablecloth embroidered with multicolored petals made by Tessilarte, a historic Florentine company of fine linens for the home, complements and enhances the beauty of the creations.

The La Grande Bellezza project promoted by Starhotels in collaboration with OMA-Associazione Osservatorio dei Mestieri d'Arte, Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d'Arte and Gruppo Editoriale provides, in addition to the creation of lines of high craftsmanship products under the Starhotels brand under the guidance of well-known designers and in collaboration with the best Italian artisans, the involvement of masters of art of excellence in the renovation of the hotels; meetings, events, exhibitions, promoted by Starhotels in its spaces; a biennial Prize dedicated to artisans for the production of works based on hospitality-related concepts; support for the training of young master artisans and other actions in support of craftsmanship and its protagonists.

STARHOTELS La Grande Bellezza by Starhotels CLORIS collezione

The focus on social issues by Crafts and Palace continues, which, thanks to the support of Eight Per Thousand funds from the Waldensian Church, welcomes five social cooperatives to the exhibition - gathered in the Androne of Palazzo Corsini - where young people with different disabilities can exhibit and sell their creations, engage the public with workshops and live demonstrations. The initiative is part of the project The craft that unites, the craft that includes promoted by the Giardino Corsini Association in order to foster synergies among those who have chosen crafts as an opportunity for inclusion, through training courses, meetings, marketing actions and promotion of their skills and works. Part of this project, a program of conversations and themed meetings on the relationship between artistic form/disability and craftsmanship as a form of social inclusion.

Also in this edition, Artigianato e Palazzo presents a new selection of 100 Master Craftsmen for a journey of experience between art and innovation. Among the protagonists we will find Daniele Giannetti, a multimedia artist who uses different materials and languages in his works presents his latest ceramics; Argentine Daniel Galligani, a talent in digital and multimedia communication with a strong graphic appeal has created a collection of wooden boxes and antique prints; artistic mosaics "a commesso" of semi-precious stones and inlays by Fratelli Traversari; and wooden objects with a contemporary design by Biagio Barile. French ceramicist Catherine Azoulai brings to Florence her original vegetable and organic-inspired ceramics embellished with gold and platinum; while artist Stefania Zagli hand-decorates porcelain using techniques pioneered for decades at Ginori. Back after being awarded the Giorgiana Corsini Prize, Simone Fallich's Ozio Piccolo Studio Tessile ; they start from local tradition dyed with natural fibers those of the La Robbia artisan workshop; she applies the ancient weaving technique of the Abruzzese sfilato Patrizia Marcelloni, who in the exhibition demonstrates how to obtain felt by working wool fibers with water and Marseille soap. Unconventional shapes in Luca Mariotti's sartorial eyewear and the wooden objects of turner Walter Intravaia. Valentina Tocci of Officina dei Saponi makes 100% natural handcrafted organic soaps in front of the public with extra virgin olive oil, nourishing and essential oils as well as dyeing herbs. The female monastic community of Antica Spezieria Santa Maria della Neve brings from Pratovecchio (AR) perfumes and essences created with careful study.

ARTIGIANATO E PALAZZO, Ozio Piccolo Studio TessileArtigianato e Palazzo XXIX edizione, La Robbia

Now in its 10th edition, the special contest "Blogs & Crafts the young craftsmen and the web" aimed at crafts under 35 and young influencers and talent launched by Crafts and Palace in 2014 to involve the new generations who, with their particular vision on innovation issues, bring a fundamental contribution in the changes of the craft sector.

Initiatives include the awarding of the Perseus Prize to the exhibitor most appreciated by the public and the Giorgiana Corsini Prize for the most beautiful booth, which, voted by the Promoting Committee, gives the winner the opportunity of a complimentary booth at the 2024 edition.


ARTISANATO E PALAZZO was founded in Florence in 1995, from an idea of Neri Torrigiani promoted by Giorgiana Corsini, with the intention of preserving and promoting high craftsmanship, the value of handmade products, and attention to detail.

The name itself is intended to recall and highlight the strong social relevance of the craftsman, whose workshop once thrived around the Palazzo, seen as a 'showcase' and a place for experimentation. This allowed a continuous exchange with patrons of all classes and offered the craftsman the opportunity to benefit from a direct relationship with the population as the holder of social aesthetics.

Although it is rooted in the most ancient craft tradition, it wants to highlight the contemporary nature of craftsmanship in order to enhance its figure, work and role in the cultural and commercial context, as a high expression of quality and technique.

Corsini Garden

The exhibition brings together and presents a new selection of artisans each year and is produced by the Associazione Giardino Corsini of which Sabina Corsini is now president.

The "Mostra Principe" takes the form of a true "exhibition within an exhibition" and spectacularly illustrates the creative path of a brand that has made the artisan matrix the key to its success, acting as a beacon and stimulus for other artisans. Over the years, many important companies - both national and international - have shared their creativity and history by setting up the 'Mostra Principe', which always proves to be a feather in the cap for ARTIGIANATO E PALAZZO and an important enrichment for visitors.

September 15/17, 2023
10 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Corsini Garden, Florence
Via Il Prato, 58 - Via della Scala, 115
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