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Lungarno 23


April 8, 2024

Lungarno 23, un affascinante bistrot

A bistro with a gourmet menu ready to impress and a wonderful terrace from which to admire Florence

For the past 15 years Lungarno 23, located on Lungarno Torrigiani at number 23 with its splendid terrace from which to admire the dome of the Duomo, the Uffizi and Ponte Vecchio, has been exalting Chianina meat and more: from Florentine-style steak to gourmet hamburgers, from sirloin steak tagliata to imaginative tartare. Not forgetting the much-loved Chianina sushi.

Sushi di Chianina

Lungarno 23 is also the ideal restaurant for eating fresh pasta dishes cooked in curious and mouth-watering variations. From artisanal Pici with Chianina igp ragu with fresh pecorino flakes and fried rosemary to home-made Tortellacci filled with pecorino and pears in butter and sage with fresh truffle flakes. Or pasta dishes made with ancient Verna Wheat, with excellent nutritional properties and a very low percentage of gluten (0, 9 percent versus 14 percent for regular wheat). In addition to pasta, legume and vegetable soups that vary according to seasonal produce await you.

Pici artigianali al ragù di Chianina

If Chianina meat burgers are the main course, you can also find many other main courses, made with Chianina Igp meat and vegetables. These include Florentine steak, sirloin tagliata with roasted potatoes, and Chianti-glazed filet with artichokes alla Giudia. But also tartare, roast beef, Florentine-style ossobuco with saffron risotto from S. Gimignano and peposo with fried polenta sticks and other recipes.

La Bistecca alla Fiorentina

Do you prefer chicken to Chianina? The Chicken burger with eggplant, grilled zucchini and lightly truffled Parmesan cream accompanied by salad, tomatoes and fresh fried potatoes is definitely the dish for you. And for summer evenings, Chianina Sushi made with rice with tenderloin, tartare, lardo di colonnata, Tuscan prosciutto, avocado, wasabi, seaweed and other goodness.

To complete a lunch or dinner to remember, you can range from desserts. From dark chocolate Tenerina, served with chocolate mousse, to Cheesecake accompanied by artisanal red fruit or chocolate sauces. Not to mention the great classics of Tuscan pastries, such as Cantucci di Prato Mattei with almonds served with Vin Santo. Also awaiting you on the menu are the Gelato alla crema from Vivoli, the oldest ice cream shop in Florence, and the Millefoglie semifreddo with Buontalenti flavor from the well-known Pasticceria Badiani. Two must-try cornerstones for those who visit the city and for those who have always lived there.

Dishes are prepared only with seasonal ingredients, sourced from local and artisanal realities of the Tuscan territory and beyond, with ample choice even for vegetarian customers and with special attention to gluten free needs.

Gli hamburgers gourmet di Lungarno 23

At Lungarno 23, it is easy to get advice in consulting the extensive wine list from the historic staff, always willing to accompany you in your dining experience.

Every dish in the kitchen is prepared with traceable ingredients from selected producers. The link with the territory and the attention to quality have led the restaurant to prefer small entities, reducing the steps from producer to table. The result is a roster of food and wine excellences from which to create new recipes and achieve unique combinations.

Lungarno 23
Lungarno Torrigiani, 23 (Firenze)
ph. +39 055 2345957

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