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Buca Lapi
April 8, 2024

The best restaurants in Florence

Our ultimate guide for an unforgettable taste experience in the city

One of the beauties of Florence is definitely its cuisine. Made of rich flavors, simple ingredients, but with a strong personality. Like the queen of the Florentine table, the Bistecca (don't miss our suggestions with the best steaks to taste in the city).

But we can't talk about restaurants in Florence without contemplating our beloved trattorias: places where the folk soul of a city finds its paradise and skillfully mixes with the true flavors of a cuisine that speaks exactly the same language. Here are born cult dishes such as ribollita and pappa al pomodoro, just to name a few.

Trattoria Gargani

An all Florentine tradition is also that of the "buche", cozy and characteristic restaurants located in the cellars of ancient buildings, where, among excellent wines, succulent steaks, truffles, mushrooms and other delicacies, explode the flavors of the rich Tuscan cuisine.

When culinary excellence calls, Florence answers and we have decided to tell you the restaurants in the center of Florence you absolutely have to try, including typical, elegant, pizzeria, starred, fish-based, vegetarian, gluten-free, oriental and international cuisine. Looking for the best Japanese restaurants in town? You'll find them here! If, on the other hand, your passion is breakfast, click here!

Are you looking for restaurants outside Florence for a trip out of town? Then take a look here!

LA FIORENTINA Osti, macellai e vini della vera bistecca



Buca Lapi
Via del Trebbio, 1/r
ph. +39 055 213768

Open kitchen, rustic atmosphere representative of the highest Tuscan expression, on the walls there's posters that recall the history of the restaurant, when the fiaccherai stopped here to drink a glass of wine and eat a bowl of tripe served on a sheet of newspaper. The menu offers a wide range of dishes, including steak with charcoal, homemade pasta and desserts. Open with the usual evening hours.

Buca Lapi

Buca dell’Orafo
Via dei Girolami, 28/r
ph. +39 055 213619

This is one of the smallest buche in Florence, open since 1945. If you order the ribollita, the Sangiovannese stew and the fried chicken, rabbit and artichokes you won't regret it, but the real cult dishes are the artichoke pie (in winter and spring) and the pork arista with roasted potatoes. Finish with candied baked pears and you're all set. Capacity: 40 seats inside and outside.

Buca dell'Orafo

Buca Mario
Piazza degli Ottaviani, 16/r
ph. +39 055 214179

In this corner of the Florentine past, simple and genuine ingredients and traditional recipes stand out, among which the artichoke flan, ribollita, pappardelle with wild boar sauce and grilled steak. In winter, among the unfailing dishes, there are the ossobuco (marrow-bone) and the lombatina (loin of pork) with artichokes. Special features: a private room with an exit on the back. Maximum capacity: 140 seats and a small outdoor dehors. Open every evening for dinner from 19.00, for lunch on Saturday and Sunday.

Buca Mario

Borgo San Jacopo, 57/r
ph. +39 055 212427

Next to the Florentine steak cooked on the grill over charcoal and the great fried foods, here are the handmade tortellini, heritage of Bruno from Bologna, father of Chiara Masiero (the current owner ed.) or the exotic dish of shrimp curry with rice and homemade mango chutney, served in Florence since the '50s. The oil and wine "of the house" are the organic ones of the farm Il Peraccio produced by Francesco, Chiara's brother. Wide selection of vegetarian and gluten-free food. Closed only on Wednesdays.


Coco Lezzone
Via del Parioncino, 26/r
ph. +39 055 287178

A typical Florentine trattoria from the early 1900s with checked tablecloths
, chats among friends, and on the walls portraits of artists and famous people who have passed through here. The typical dishes are pappa al pomodoro, ribollita, roast pork and an excellent steak that has the secret of being marinated in olive oil, salt and pepper before cooking. Open for both lunch and dinner, inside there's only about thirty covers. Closed on Sundays and Tuesday evenings.

Coco Lezzone

Il Magazzino
Piazza della Passera, 2/3
ph. +39 055 215969

The lampredotto meatballs, ravioli stuffed with lampredotto and potato, linguine with black cabbage pesto and Florentine tripe are just some of the proposals, accompanied by a well-stocked wine list, which boasts 180 labels. Do not miss the Lampredotto with porcini mushrooms. Maximum capacity: 28 seats inside and 6 outside. Opening hours: Monday and Tuesday lunch only, Wednesday to Sunday: lunch from 12 to 15, dinner from 19 to 23.

Il Magazzino

Lungarno 23
Lungarno Torrigiani, 23
ph. + 39 055 2345857

For the past 15 years this charming bistro, set on the Lungarno Torrigiani (23 is the house number at which it is located) with a splendid terrace from which to admire the dome of the Duomo, the Uffizi and Ponte Vecchio, has been exalting Chianina meat with its proposals: from Florentine-style steak to gourmet hamburgers, from sirloin tagliata and fresh pasta dishes to imaginative tartare, not forgetting the much-loved Chianina sushi. Dishes are prepared with seasonal ingredients from local and artisanal realities of the Tuscan territory and beyond. Finally, the menu also pays proper attention to vegetarian and gluten-free customers.

Lungarno 23

Il Santo Bevitore
Via S. Spirito, 64/r
ph. +39 055 211264

In the heart of Oltrarno. Contemporary but intimate atmosphere, candlelit. Don't miss the terrine of chicken livers with Vin Santo and pan brioche or the beef tartare with crispy vegetables. The menu also includes dishes for celiacs and vegetarian dishes. The wine list is extensive and specifically researched. For an aperitif stop by Santino, a small wine shop right next to the restaurant. Maximum capacity: 50 seats inside and 25 outside. Opening hours: open for lunch from 12:30 to 14:30 and for dinner from 19:30 to 23:00.

Santo Bevitore

La Giostra
Borgo Pinti, 10/12/18r
ph. + 39 055 241341

Born twenty years ago from the passion of Prince Dimitri d'Asburgo Lorena and his son Soldano, La Giostra is an intimate and hidden restaurant, frequented by celebrities from all over the world. The most exclusive table is the imposing round table at the end of the room, reminiscent of King Arthur's table, where you can taste, among the cult dishes, the Carbonara di Tartufo Bianco or the Filetto con Funghi Porcini. Maximum capacity: 46 seats in the main dining room and 49 in the secondary one. Opening hours: for lunch from Monday to Friday from 12:30 to 14:30, for dinner from Monday to Sunday from 19 to 24. 

La giostra

Trattoria da Sostanza detto il Troia
Via Del Porcellana, 25/r
ph. + 39 055 212691

Where can you eat a good steak in Florence? Before going into the merits of Florentine steaks, it is worth remembering that this one in Via del Porcellana is the most literary address in the city. In addition to the classic Florentine steak, among the cult dishes there is the artichoke pie and chicken breast with butter. All cooked on a kitchen without a stove, with wood embers. Always open except Sundays. Lunch hours: 12:30 -14:00; Dinner hours: 19:30 - 21:45. Maximum capacity: 30 place settings.

Trattoria da Sostanza detto il Troia

Trattoria dei 13 Gobbi
Via del Porcellana, 9/r
ph. +39 055 284015

Specialties of the house are the incomparable rigatoni served in the glass soup tureen and the inevitable sliced beef served on the log. All accompanied by a wine list that includes the best labels. It is also possible to request a celiac or vegetarian menu. There is something for everyone! Open both for lunch and dinner.

13 Gobbi

Trattoria Gargani
Via del Moro, 48/r
ph. + 39 055 2398898

A meeting place for artists and intellectuals, the trattoria is characterized by its decorated walls and informal, fun atmosphere. Today the restaurant relies on the experience of Chef Elio Cotza, who has worked alongside Giuliano since the very beginning, and who together with Andrea Gargani carries on this exciting adventure. Among the cult dishes are the spaghettino with raw artichokes, the escalope with avocado and the legendary cheese-cake.

Trattoria Gargani

Trattoria Mario
Via Rosina, 2r
ph. + 39 055 218550

Open since 1953, still family-run for about four generations, the trattoria is framed in a sixteenth century building, the current Palazzo Alessandri, inside which you can breathe in the strong smell of Tuscan products, strictly fresh (bought at the Central Market every morning). As per tradition, here you can not fail to taste the excellent ribollita, the Florentine steak, peposo or lampredotto. Always open for lunch except Sunday, and also for dinner on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Trattoria Mario

Cucina Torcicoda
Via Torta, 5r
ph. +39 055 2654329

Located close to Piazza Santa Croce and just a few steps from Ponte Vecchio, Cucina Torcicoda offers a unique Tuscan gastronomic experience in the heart of Florence in a contemporary setting with a perfect balance between past and present. On the one hand, a pizzeria with a wood-burning oven and, on the other, a gourmet restaurant with a Florentine steak absolutely to be tasted and a wine cellar with over 300 labels. The menu is very varied and reflects the values of quality, authenticity and research.

Cucina Torcicoda

Via Panzani, 9A
ph. +39 055 282802

The work of architect Stigler, who in 1955 decided to furnish this restaurant using the furnishings of a deconsecrated 16th century church, Sabatini is protected by the Fine Arts, and contains many mementos left by the artists and aristocrats who frequented it in the 1970s. A vast space, including the Giardino d'Inverno, the restaurant's largest and most spacious room. It offers quality classic Tuscan cuisine to rediscover ancient Florentine recipes revisited in a modern key: elegant and refined dishes where taste, quality and simplicity combine to perfection. Don't miss the Florentine steak, the grilled dishes and the fresh pasta.

Sabatini Firenze


Caffè dell'Oro
Lungarno degli Acciaiuoli, 2P
ph. +39 055 2726 8912

Restaurant and bistro of the Lungarno Collection, a step away from Portrait Firenze, is the most beautiful view of Ponte Vecchio. A 'living room with kitchen', soft and cozy. Here the kitchen, presents a menu full of authentic flavors and tasty combinations, choosing daily fresh products to elaborate its dishes of the day. A cult for this winter? The ravioli stuffed with parmesan cheese with chicken ramen broth and Kombu seaweed. All this in an elegant location inspired by the sophisticated atmosphere of the 50s, to fall in love with Florence through the wonderful view of Ponte Vecchio, from such a privileged position.

Caffè dell'Oro

Atelier de' Nerli
Piazza de' Nerli, 9r
ph. + 39 338 5988273

From the creative inspiration of Daniele Cavalli, a place of art, craftsmanship and quality cuisine, which combines the gastronomic experience, with clear Tuscan roots, with the love for handmade and the esprit of today's artists - painters, photographers and sculptors - whose works are hosted and for sale, in the restaurant. At the center of it all: true Florentine artisanal craftsmanship, of which the restaurant makes itself a true atelier. Choose the scallops sautéed in butter with artichokes sautéed in chili and parsley, or the filet with three peppers with Worcester cream and Dijon mustard.

Atelier de Nerli

Luca’s Restaurant
Via Dei Cavalieri 2/C
ph. +39 055 0105200

In the heart of Hotel La Gemma is Luca's Restaurant, an elegant art-deco space with a sophisticated interior that reflects the colours of the Duomo. Here, award-winning chef Paulo Airaudo takes classic Florentine cuisine and transforms it into exceptional modern gastronomy. Enjoy a cocktail in the ultra-cool lounge bar followed by an unforgettable dining experience in Luca's gourmet restaurant.

Luca’s Restaurant

Cantinetta Antinori
Piazza degli Antinori, 3
ph. +39 055 292234

Since 1957 Cantinetta Antinori has been one of Florence's most renowned places for wine and cuisine. It is located in Piazza Antinori (which intersects with Via de' Tornabuoni), on the ground floor of the prestigious building of the same name. An elegant and discreet environment, where it is possible to taste the entire range of a wide selection of Antinori wines. Cantinetta Antinori's cuisine is based on the care with which the ingredients are researched and selected, favoring seasonal and local products, most of which come from the Tuscan territory: choose cecina with squid and shrimps, ossobuco of veal Florentine style and pappardelle with Tuscan ragout.

Cantinetta Antinori

Cibreo Ristorante
Via del Verrocchio, 8r
ph. + 39 055 2341100

Restaurant to the rhythm of the seasons since 1979. Founded by chef Fabio Picchi, a great ambassador of Florentine cuisine, it was his main stage, the first bastion of what later became his little Empire of taste in Sant'Ambrogio. Pods in summer, black cabbage in winter, livers, ancient dishes such as stuffed chicken neck... The best combination of nature and tradition.

Cibreo Ristorante

Cibrèo Ristorante - Helvetia & Bristol Firenze – Starhotels Collezione
Via dei Vecchietti, 5 50123 Florence - Italy
ph. + 39 055 2665651

The iconic Cibrèo can also be found in the exclusive location of the historic Helvetia & Bristol Firenze - Starhotels Collezione. An unprecedented menu of highly selected Italian specialities. Dishes to try include the Crespelle di Ricotta with White Meat Ragout, a symbol of the generosity of Cibrèo's cuisine, the Filetto di Fassona Piemontese, a spokesperson for the quality and excellence of Italian raw materials, and L'Abetone, a dessert that with its elegant asymmetry winks at the traditional Mont Blanc and becomes a symbol of the Florentine provocation typical of Cibrèo. Making the new Cibrèo opening even more sophisticated and unique is the unprecedented Cocktail Bar, with brand new signature cocktails, a classic selection of international cocktails and a wide range of spirits and liqueurs.

Cibrèo Ristorante - Sala & Cocktail Bar

Se-Sto on Arno (Westin Excelsior)
Piazza Ognissanti, 3
ph +39 055 27152783

On the sixth floor of The Westin Excelsior, it's a futuristic structure made of continuous glass windows that offers one of the most beautiful panoramic views of the city. A word of advice? Choose table 41, with a view of the Arno right in front of the Duomo. Among the exclusive dishes on the menu are: Tagliatella with rabbit and rosemary, leek cream and black truffle, braised pork cheek and soft polenta bramata. Maximum capacity: 80 place settings (currently closed for renovations).

Se-Sto on Arno

Harry's Bar The Garden
Via Il Prato 42
ph. +39 055 277 1704

Harry's Bar The Garden makes its own the exclusive atmosphere of the Sina Villa Medici, offering its traditional cuisine, a careful attention to detail. The extraordinary location, the soft lights and the view of the garden with swimming pool, will make your special magic and unforgettable.

Sina Villa Medici Harry's Bar The Garden

Via Baccio Bandinelli, 98
ph. +39 055 7130272

Riva Kitchen, with chef Michele Berlendis, is the beating heart of Riva Lofts. Whether it is lunch, an aperitif or dinner, every moment becomes special to eat in good company, in winter in the warm atmosphere of the lounge with the lit fireplace, in summer in the cool of the terraces or in the shade of the cork tree. A restaurant on the banks of the Arno where cuisine is expressed through the simplicity of ingredients, rich in taste and ethical sense, where seasonality is a guide in the choice of ingredients, together with daily contact with local producers. Perfect for a relaxed experience, a signature cuisine made of contrasts, bold flavours, simple ingredients with unusual combinations.


Ora d’Aria
Via Dei Georgofili, 11r
ph. + 39 055 2001699

A pillar of Florentine haute cuisine, with two tasting menus and the à la carte option, where eggs and grandmother's rituals, risotto and guinea fowl, roasted pigeon etouffè with apple and puntarelle and venison steak reign supreme. But here the real discovery is chef Marco Stabile: shyness and genius, an affability that surprises you, dish after dish, and a wisdom that never revels in the results achieved but always goes a little further.

Ora d'Aria

Osteria delle Tre Panche - Hotel Hermitage
Vicolo Marzio, 1
ph. +39 055 583724

A wonderful culinary journey of truffle flavor signed Osteria delle Tre Panche, overlooking Ponte Vecchio and the terrace on the sixth floor, overlooking all the monuments of our wonderful city! An unmissable taste experience in one of the most incredible corners of Florence where you will feel like touching Ponte Vecchio with one hand.

The view over the Vasarian Corridor from the Osteria delle tre panche restaurant at the top of the Hermitage hotel

Lungarno Vespucci, 26r
ph. +39 0550518514

The acronym P.O.S.H. stands for Port Out - Starboard Home and denoted the best cabins on ships that traveled between Britain and India in the days of Queen Victoria. The Posh restaurant is also ponto to set you sail on the ship, to embark on a culinary journey of taste, quality and exclusivity. You are in the sun-kissed Posh cabin with a magnificent view of the Florentine riverfront.


Golden View
Via de Bardi 58r
ph. +39 055 214502

An important year for the Golden View that marks an important milestone, the twentieth anniversary of an activity born from the commitment and passion of Tommaso Grasso, which has become a mecca for those who wish to combine the pleasure of the table with that of sight. A reconnaissance of all the gastronomic excellence of the Tuscan territory thanks to the new menu proposed by chef Paolo Secci in combination with wines from the precious wine cellar managed by wine manager Paolo Milano. From the external windows you can see the beautiful fish market with fish products, Mediterranean and particularly Sicilian such as tuna, swordfish, the famous Mazara red prawns and purple shrimp, as well as other varieties that the daily market offers (Click here to find out all about the Golden View).

Golden View ph Bloom Lab


Enoteca Pinchiorri***
Via Ghibellina, 87
ph. +39 055 242777 - 242757

The temple of taste in Florence, three Michelin stars. Giorgio Pinchiorri and Annie Feolde, of different origins but with the same passion that has led them over the last 40 years to create something unique. Don't miss the exploration of the proposals based on the quality of the raw materials of Annie Feolde and her kitchen brigade, led by Chefs Riccardo Monco and Alessandro Della Tommasina. As well as the wine cellar, among the first in the world, characterized by two wine lists, Italian and international, and by a series of unique tastings, for a total of over 4000 labels. Among the unmissable dishes, the "Sandwich of anchovies, arugula extract, vegetable giardiniera with alpine butter and the caramelized onion ice cream.

Enoteca Pinchiorri

Santa Elisabetta - Hotel Brunelleschi**
Piazza Santa Elisabetta, 3
ph. +39 055 2737673

Chef Rocco de Santis has a remarkable curriculum, ranging from the big names of Campania's catering - Gennaro Esposito, first of all, but also Pino Lavarra at Rossellini's, Andrea Aprea at Comandante dell'hotel Romeo in Naples and Pierfranco Ferrara at Faro di Capo d'Orso - to the collaboration as chef de partie with Georges Blanc at Vonnas. From each of them, the chef learned an important lesson for his cuisine at Santa Elisabetta, the elegant gourmet restaurant of Hotel Brunelleschi, for which he takes care of the whole gastronomical proposal. Two Michelin stars.

Santa Elisabetta

Il Palagio - Four Seasons Hotel Firenze*
Borgo Pinti, 99
ph. +39 055 2626450

Starred restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel Firenze, overlooking the marvellous Gherardesca garden. Executive chef Paolo Lavezzini, a great interpreter of Italian cuisine, and above all seasonal, therefore strongly linked to the territory. On the menu he alternates between traditional dishes revisited with extreme elegance, and new proposals, born only thanks to his creativity

Il Palagio

Atto di Vito Mollica (ex Chic Nonna)*
Via del Corso, 6
ph. +39 055 535 3555

Set in the marvelous Palazzo Portinari Salviati, inside the frescoed Emperor's Court, Atto di Vito Mollica is Vito Mollica's gourmet restaurant that offers an a la carte menu with two tasting menus, as well as a wine pairing proposal. Also inside Palazzo Portinari we also find Bistrot, a restaurant with cafeteria and cocktail bar perfect for a business lunch, a more informal dinner or just to sip a great coffee or signature cocktail. Sala Beatrice, on the other hand, is a private room that, with its beautiful convivial table, can be reserved for small events for up to 40 people.

Atto di Vito Mollica (ex Chic Nonna)

Saporium Firenze*
Lungarno Benvenuto Cellini, 69r
ph. +39 055 212933

Located on Lungarno Cellini where La Bottega del Buon Caffè once stood, Saporium brings to Florence the philosophy and haute cuisine of Borgo Santo Pietro in Chiusdino. Executive Chef Ariel Hagen and his brigade take diners on a sensory journey based on Borgo Santo Pietro's land-dish concept. There are 3 tasting menus, Territorial Projections, Pes-care, and Vegetable Depths, and include unique dishes that Ariel created last year at Borgo and that have already become his workhorses. Also open for lunch with a less demanding 3-course menu.

Saporium Firenze

Gucci Osteria*
Piazza della Signoria, 10
ph. + 39 055 0621744

When fashion and cuisine come together, the result is surprising. In the dreamy spaces of Gucci Garden, the iconic realm of the famous brand of Florentine origins, a concentration of beauty and flamboyance a stone's throw from Michelangelo's David. At the helm of the kitchen is chef Karime Lopez, a Michelin star (the first Mexican woman ever and also the only lady to be awarded a Red Star in 2020), a student of the great Massimo Bottura, who strongly wanted her at the helm of his Florentine brigade. On the menu, Mexican purple corn Tostada with a sensational palamita underneath and Japanese Taka Bun, a steamed bao with pork belly. Also, the Emilia Burger, the hamburger with which Bottura defeated Shake Shack in New York five years ago. In the dining room, an excellent Damiano Barbato is the icing on the cake of a unique experience.

Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura

Borgo San Jacopo*
Borgo San Jacopo, 62/R, 50125 Firenze
ph. +39 055 281661 - 342 1234710 (per prenotazioni via Whatsapp)

Romantic and panoramic, this is the starred restaurant of Hotel Lungarno, where you can enjoy a high gastronomic experience, with a unique view of Ponte Vecchio, which can be enjoyed even better from the intimate terrace that's just out over the Arno. Executive chef Claudio Mengoni offers a true and sincere cuisine, where ingredients find creativity and rigor, creating memorable flavors, colors and shapes. In addition to the à la carte menu, there are two tasting menus with many unmissable dishes: Raw and cooked vegetables with tomato sorbet and fig molasses; Milk-fed porchetta with black salsify, port-reduced shallots and Dijon mustard and Risotto with sea urchins, colatura di alici and fennel frisella. Open for dinner from Wednesday to Sunday from 7pm to 10pm.

Arno view from Terrace Borgo San Jacopo Restaurant Florence


Io Osteria Personale

Borgo San Frediano, 167/r
ph. + 39 055 9331341

The IO Osteria has a face, and it is that of Matteo Fantini, a visionary chef who had the courage a few years ago to open an unconventional restaurant in Florence: in the heart of the Oltrarno a small place that is a real melting pot of culinary inspirations. The tables are placed next to the walls, in the background the bar counter, on the walls the blackboards where the dishes are drawn with chalk. A few dishes for each course and a seasonal rotation: if you want you can choose the tasting option, to be customized. 

Io Osteria Personale

Oltremodo - Caffè e cucina km 0
Piazza del Carmine, 5/6r
ph: + 39 055 709 3198

Located in Oltrarno, Oltremodo offers an innovative cuisine, reinterpreting the Tuscan tradition in a modern way. Products at km 0 and dishes that boast unmistakable flavors enhancing the ethics of sustainable and genuine cuisine. The raw material is the heart of the restaurant and is selected with the greatest possible care. The experience and creativity of the chef enhance the scents, colors and flavors of our dishes, creating an unforgettable atmosphere of music, wine and good food.

Oltremodo Firenze


Cestello Ristoclub
Piazza di Cestello, 8
ph. +39 055 264536

With a splendid view of Piazza del Cestello, where in summer there is a cool dehor next to the church of the same name, here is an excellent fish restaurant in Florence. Distinguishing features: here it is the customer who decides the menu, choosing the fresh fish of the day in front of the fish market, which Gabriele and Daniele, the Chefs, then transform into refined dishes. Among the unmissable: grand plateau of Crudo, oysters and Iranian Beluga caviar. And attention: here you can also buy fish and cook it at home.

Il Cestello

Fuor d'acqua
Via Pisana, 37/r
ph. +39 055 222299

A characteristic of the restaurant is the choice to serve only the catch of the day: guaranteed freshness in this undisputed reference point for seafood cuisine. Simple or elaborate recipes according to tradition such as Catalana, paccheri alla Trabaccolara and starters, raw or cooked, which are one of the specialties together with the great dishes of raw fish. Desserts are strictly homemade. A few steps from the door of San Frediano, the restaurant was born in an old coach depot renovated respecting the original features of Tuscan architecture.

Fuor d'acqua

Giacomo al Salviatino
Via del Salviatino, 21 - Fiesole
ph. +39 055 9041111

The Giacomo al Salviatino restaurant is part of the Hotel Il Salviatino, located in one of Tuscany's most important villas dating back to the 15th century. The cuisine focuses on the most authentic Italian tradition, with a menu that combines simplicity, refinement and a careful selection of the best local ingredients.

Salviatino ph. Giulio Ghirardi

Marina di Santo Spirito
Via Maffia, IC
ph. +39 333 3178831

An old carpenter's shop in the historic center of Florence that has been renovated and is now a renowned restaurant. In the neighborhood of Santo Spirito, an original restaurant with stone floor of the fourteenth century, leather sofas and chairs, antiques hanging on the walls and a small stage for live music. On the menu, excellent fish dishes and as a grand finale, the guitar played by the owner, who delights her customers at the end of the evening.

Marina di Santo Spirito


Koko Restaurant - Sushi bar
Piazza Ferrucci, 4-5r
ph. +39 055 6587428

Elegant restaurant and sushi bar. The menu has many surprises in store, including an endless choice of carpaccio, chirashi and maki, to be enjoyed at one of the tables in the elegant Tatami room.


Il Gusto di Xinge
Viale Belfiore, 2
ph. +39 320 9681806

Don't imagine the usual Chinese menu, at Il Gusto di Xinge chef Xin Ge Liu's dishes are true works of art to be enjoyed with the eyes and palate. Between bright purple crystal dumplings, shimmering bao and duck and whiskey drinks, eating becomes an experience to be remembered and recounted.

Il Gusto di Xinge

Borgo San Frediano, 10r
ph. +39 055 291840

A journey to the Japanese flavors of Momoyama, in the heart of Oltrarno. The raw cuisine directed by Gabriel Camara offers the classics of Japanese tradition. Excellent also the cooked Japanese cuisine of chef Lorenzo d'Agnello. Always open for dinner with the possibility to eat in the renovated courtyard.


Via Luigi Carlo Farini, 2a
ph. 055 2480888

Only kosher food cooked in the two separate kitchens so that the dishes cannot "contaminate" each other, as per tradition. A vegetarian meeting place where you can eat among the cult dishes the shakshuka, lentil soup, Falafel, Cous cous with vegetables, Streussel with apples and almonds. To frame a cozy place, a crossroads of travelers, with drawings and cartoons hanging on the walls, books on Judaism and an owner who explains and recounts each dish served, with passion and kindness. A touch of Jewish culture to enjoy at the table.


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