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Santo Bevitore
March 6, 2023

The best trattorias in Florence

The addresses not to be missed to taste the real Tuscan cuisine

The Tuscan and Florentine cuisine finds one of its greatest expressions in the trattorias of the city, hidden corners but well known to lovers of local taste. Here is a selection of some of the best addresses in the historic center of Florence.

Looking for the best steak in town? Click here! If you prefer an overview of the restaurants not to be missed in Florence, this is the article for you!

Trattoria dei 13 Gobbi
Via del Porcellana, 9/r
ph. +39 055 284015

In the Ognissanti area, in the heart of the historic center of Florence, in a period building, the restaurant offers a cuisine that rigorously interprets the ancient recipes of the most genuine Tuscan tradition. Specialties of the house are the incomparable rigatoni served in the glass tureen and the inevitable beef steak served on the log.

Trattoria i 13 Gobbi

Trattoria da Sostanza detto il Troia
Via Del Porcellana, 25/r
ph. + 39 055 212691

Where can you eat a good steak in Florence? Before going into the merits of Florentine steaks, it is good to remember that this Via del Porcellana is the most literary address in the city. Here Piero Annigoni had his table across from the kitchen and threw nuts on the glass in front of the cook when he looked into the dining room. In addition to the classic Florentine steak, cult dishes include artichoke pie and butter chicken breast.

Trattoria da Sostanza detto il Troia

Buca Mario
Piazza degli Ottaviani, 16/r
ph. +39 055 214179

In this corner of the Florentine tradition of yesteryear, you can find simple and genuine ingredients and traditional recipes such as artichoke flan, ribollita, pappardelle with wild boar sauce and grilled steak. Distinguishing features: a private room with an exit on the back

Buca Mario

Buca Lapi
Via del Trebbio, 1/r
ph. +39 055 213768

Going up to the top of via de' Tornabuoni, at n. 1/r of via del Trebbio, here is where the patron Luciano Ghinassi keeps the tradition alive by registering full bookings every evening. The kitchen is on view. The dishes recall the flavors of ancient Tuscan and Florentine cuisine. The posters that cover the walls of the second dining room recall the history of Buca Lapi, which, in the beginning, was an inn where the fiaccherai stopped to drink a glass of wine and eat a bowl of tripe served on a sheet of newspaper. Must-tries include the charcoal steak, pasta and homemade desserts.

Buca Lapi

Regina Bistecca
Via Ricasoli, 14r
ph. +39 055 269 3772

Housed in a former antiquarian bookshop, Regina Bistecca is one of the most charming restaurants in the centre of Florence. The passion for Bistecca alla Fiorentina is accompanied by dishes from the Florentine gastronomic tradition. A simple and tasty cuisine made with top quality ingredients that enhance the results and over 150 wine labels that offer a wide overview of Tuscan wine culture.

Regina Bistecca

Coco Lezzone
Via del Parioncino, 26/r
ph. +39 055 287178

Still towards the Lungarni, at 26/r Via del Parioncino, here is Coco Lezzone. The typical dishes are pappa al pomodoro, ribollita, roast pork and an excellent steak that has the secret of being marinated in olive oil, salt and pepper before cooking. The reason why so many Florentines come here often is because the aromas and flavors of this straightforward and genuine cuisine remind them of those of their grandmothers.

Coco Lezzone

Buca dell’Orafo
Via dei Girolami, 28/r
ph. +39 055 213619

Further on, near the Uffizi, via dei Girolami 28, you go down the steps once again, to enter the Buca dell'Orafo excellent for ribollita, Sangiovannese stew and fried polo, rabbit and artichokes, but the cult dishes are artichoke pie and pork arista with potatoes. Close with candied cooked pears.

Buca dell'Orafo

Cibreo Ristorante
Via del Verrocchio, 8r
ph. + 39 055 2341100

Going up towards Sant'Ambrogio, in Via del Verrocchio, 8/r, a melting pot of flavors and fragrances, with only one conductor, chef Fabio Picchi. To be tasted are the yellow peppers puree, the Cassi-style cod, the stuffed neck and the Florentine stew.

Cibreo Ristorante

La Giostra
Borgo Pinti, 10/12/18r
ph. + 39 055 241341

In Borgo Pinti, at nos. 10/12/18 r you will find a legend born twenty years ago from the passion of Prince Dimitri of Habsburg Lorraine and his son Soldano, today it is a trattoria well frequented by celebrities. A union of Tuscan and Lorraine tradition: from handmade tortelloni with buffalo burrata and white truffle of Alba to Kalvil fillet with goose liver and apples on toasted bread crostone.

La giostra

Trattoria Mario
Via Rosina, 2r
ph. + 39 055 218550

In the area of the San Lorenzo Market, at 2/r Via Rosina, you enter this historic family-run trattoria where you must try the excellent ribollita, Florentine steak, peposo or lampredotto.

Trattoria Mario

Il Santo Bevitore
Via S. Spirito, 64/r
ph. +39 055 211264

Let's go straight to the Oltrarno, in the Santo Spirito district, where "Il Santo" stands out for its creative, carefully prepared but informal cuisine. Do not miss the terrine of chicken livers with Vin Santo and pan brioche, or the beef tartare with crispy vegetables.

Il Santo Bevitore

Borgo San Jacopo, 57/r
ph. +39 055 212427

Continuing towards Ponte Vecchio, in Borgo San Jacopo, at 57/r, you enter one of Florence's most typical trattorias, frequented by a loyal Florentine clientele. Look out for the fried food, the refried braciola, the handmade tortellini, and the exotic dish of curried shrimp with rice and mango chutney sauce.


Trattoria 4 Leoni
Via de' Vellutini, 1r
ph. +39 055 218562

At Via de' Vellutini, 1/r corner Piazza della Passera, it's worth ordering the 4 leoni salad, pear flakes in taleggio and asparagus sauce, peposo and Maurino's cheese cake. Click here to learn more about the dishes, history and tradition of Trattoria 4 Leoni.

Trattoria 4 Leoni

All'antico Ristoro di Cambi
Via S Onofrio, 1r
ph. +39 055 217134

A restaurant that keeps alive its tradition of typical Tuscan cuisine where professionalism and friendly service are real strengths and the customer feels at home. Absolutely a must: the steak.

All'antico ristoro di Cambi

Trattoria Da Burde
Via Pistoiese, 154
ph. +39 055 317206

Voted best trattoria in Italy 2023 according to the 50 Top Italy guide, Da Burde is a historic Florentine trattoria, a point of reference for many enthusiasts in the city. The ambience is traditional, well-kept, traditional even in the details. The cuisine is Florentine, the flavours are decisive and range for every palate, not to be missed is the meat (from the Florentine steak to the peposo), but also first courses. The selection of French wines and champagnes is excellent, and the menu is curated by Andrea Gori.

Trattoria da Burde

Fratelli Briganti
Piazza Giovambattista Giorgini, 12r
ph. +39 055 475255

Just outside the city center, near the Stibbert Museum, a historic restaurant where already at a glance you can breathe the most authentic Florentine spirit. A 1970s ambience, friendly service and a cuisine of substance are the strong points. Two cult dishes are absolutely unmissable in its simplicity: spaghettini with fresh tomatoes and a very crispy mozzarella in carrozza. Absolutely must try.

Fratelli Briganti


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