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December 18, 2019

The ‘buche’ in Florence

Go down the stairs and enter the most authentic Florentine gastronomic tradition

An all-Florentine tradition that of the "buche", welcoming and characteristic restaurants created in the cellars of ancient palaces, where, among excellent wines, succulent steaks, truffles, mushrooms and other first fruits, explode the flavors of the rich Tuscan gastronomy.
There are three historical ones: Buca Lapi, Buca dell'Orafo and Buca Mario.

At the Buca Lapi, in the cellar of Palazzo Antinori, the authentic aromas and flavors of home recipes can be found in hand-made potato tortelli and seasoned with butter and sage, in a sumptuous and impeccable Florentine steak and fried food. Here the field salad is picked every morning at dawn by a trusted farmer (via del Trebbio, 1r, ph. +39 055 213768).

La Buca dell'Orafo is a small wine cellar just a short distance from Ponte Vecchio, with no more than a dozen tables. It is worth starting with a Tuscan antipasto of croutons and salami, very good, if it is on the menu continue with the straw and hay to the woodsman, then opt for a Florentine steak or, alternatively, a pork with potatoes (via de 'Girolami 28r, ph. +39 055 213619).

Buca Mario is in the cellars of Palazzo Niccolini. It has a particularity: a private room with exit on the back. As for the food, the excellent artichoke flan and also the grilled steak washed down with a good vintage Chianti, to close with Cantuccini and Vin Santo (piazza degli Ottaviani, 16r, ph. +39 055 214179).

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