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Pizze più buona di Firenze (ph. Fabrizio Pullara)
March 19, 2024

The best pizzas in Florence

We not only tell you the best pizza places in town, but also what to order!

Ode to Pizza, one of the most beloved dishes in the world, which in Florence finds its temples, proposed in its traditional Neapolitan dress, with its high and soft edges, or thin and crunchy, but all with a common denominator: search for ingredients and high digestibility.

Here is our top list, with the battle horses for each pizzeria!

Via S. Gallo, 2r
ph. +39 055 2381179

Antonio Starita's pizzas, arancini, fried dough frittatas and flowers, and Maradona's famous horns. Starita's story begins in 1901, in the Materdei district of Naples, as a wine cellar, opened by Alfonso Starita and continues to this day. Here, tradition and conviviality are the masters, and the focus is proudly on respecting the use of raw materials and a centuries-old technique. The one in Florence is the fifth point of sale after Naples, New York opened in 2012, Milan in 2016 and Turin in 2018. Don't miss the marinara, the porta a porta (with a double filling, in one part ricotta, in the other part friarielli, bocconcini di bufala, pomodorini del piennolo, pecorino romano and extra virgin olive oil), the fried pizza and the classic calzone.

Starita Firenze

Pizzeria Giovanni Santarpia
Via Senese, 155r
ph. +39 055 9338245

A name, a guarantee in terms of pizza that of Giovanni Santarpia, master of Neapolitan pizza. On the menu there are the classics such as Margherita and Marinara, but also their variants "gold" thanks to the use of yellow tomatoes of Piennolo. Of course, there are also Neapolitan dishes such as sausage and friarelli or panuozzo, as well as more refined proposals. There is also a gluten-free version. Our advice: the fried pizza with lampredotto.


Via Francesco Veracini, 22/d
ph: +39 055 332332

Via Panzani, 57, Piazza di Santa Maria Novella, 24/r
ph. +39 055212287

Giotto is a real place to be for lovers of Neapolitan pizza. In Florence since 2016, here you can eat an excellent Neapolitan pizza but modern, a product well leavened, perfectly cooked and the fillings are of excellent quality. It is signed by Marco Manzi, pizzaiolo-star of this Neapolitan temple in the city. The fundamentals, margherita and marinara, are among the best in town and the fritti are very good.

Giotto bistrot

Tiratissima Firenze
Viale Giovanni Amendola 14/22r
ph. +39 055 8892741

Here everything is 'issimo', from the antipastissimo for a minimum of two people (with Falorni raw ham, marinated beef carpaccio, mortadella, cream cheese and Savini truffle, livers) to the focaccissime, and the pizzas, available classic, white, special and even gluten-free. The watchword is sharing, and for pizzas made for at least 10 people an exceptional gong also rings!

Tiratissima Firenze

Piazza dei Nerli, 1 - ph: +39 055 238 2946
Via dei Benci, 7 - ph: +39 055 399 4589
Via delle Cascine, 35 (Manifattura Tabacchi) - ph. +39 055 0988190

With its reigns Berberè means good, digestible pizza. After two locations in the central Via de' Benci and the San Frediano neighborhood, the brand of artisanal pizzas from live sourdough has also arrived in the city's new "creative district," that of Manifattura Tabacchi. The pizzeria offers artisanal pizzas with dough from organic and stone-ground flours, fermented with only live sourdough for 24 hours, garnished with seasonal toppings and served already cut into 8 slices in the name of sharing. No pairing is taken for granted here, try Calabrese or simple daisies and marinate with quality ingredients you can feel in the first bite!

Berberè (ph. Alberto Blasetti)

Pizzeria Antica Porta
Via Senese, 23
ph. +39 055 220527

Here, pizza is created from a formula of stone-ground flours and wheat germ, kneaded with sourdough, allowing for greater digestibility and lightness. More than 50 types of pizzas, tasty focaccias and stuffed calzones. The pizzeria Antica Porta offers a traditional pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven with a wide choice of ingredients, perfect for those who prefer fine pizzas and those who prefer higher pizzas. The environment is welcoming and quiet with the colors and cheerfulness typical of the Tuscan world.

Pizzeria Antica Porta

Don Fefè
Lungarno Colombo, 8r
ph. +39 055 6143084

The union between Campania and Tuscany create in the menu of Don Fefè a perfect combination that allows you to range from fish dishes to meat, salami, cheese and dairy products, but a place of excellence is reserved for the Neapolitan pizza. Don Fefè pizza is the symbol of the restaurant and is characterized by 250 grams of sliced buffalo: definitely for dairy products lovers. In general, mozzarella, from Molise, is really the queen in every pizza and goes well with many slow food products. With piennolo, with porcini mushrooms, with Tuscan black truffle, every week there is a novelty proposed by the pizzaiolo. Just cast an eye on the blackboard of the restaurant to take advantage of the offers of the day.

Don Fefè

La pizzeria Sud
Piazza del Mercato Centrale, 3
ph. +39 055 239 9798

Margherita, Napoli and Marinara, of course. Then Cilentana, Genovese. Capri and Montanara. And for the greedy ones, fried pizza. Pizzeria Sud inside the Central Market is a must for lovers of Neapolitan dough. The leavening is never less than 36 hours and consists of 72% water, the high hydration gives greater lightness and digestibility. Light to eat, good to taste.

La pizzeria sud

Largo 9
Largo Pietro Annigoni, 9/C
ph. +39 055 245829

An all-round taste experience combining contemporary pizzeria and cocktail bar in a new and elegant, very urban chic atmosphere. At Largo 9 you will experience what it means to love pizza, from yeast research to the sublimation of the steamed pizza, one of Largo9's top dishes, inspired by Asian baking techniques and Chinese bread/focaccia. Curiosity and experimentation, on the other hand, are the principles that inspire Largo9's cocktails, to surprise and excite you. There will be the great classics, but also the unusual, for a true journey into the world of spirits.

Largo 9

Caffè Italiano
Via Isola delle Stinche, 11/13r
ph. +39 055 289080

Napoli, Margherita or Marinara. Just these three pizzas to enjoy in a 14th-century palazzo, halfway between Santa Croce and Santa Maria del Fiore, with a fine selection of wines to match. 

Osteria del Caffè Italiano

Il Vecchio e il Mare
Via Vincenzo Gioberti, 61N
ph. +39 055 669575

It is the great temple of pizza and not only by Mario Cipriano, who together with Pasquale Naccari give life to an empire dedicated to pizza and not only. Here the protagonist is an excellent pizza, even gluten-free! The latest novelty is the innovative line of flours signed by Molino Gatti Italia and Mario Cipriano: 100% Italian wheat flours created by a pizzaiolo for pizzaioli. Among the cult pizzas is the Napoli with Pantelleria capers, anchovies from Cetara and Pantelleria oregano at the end of cooking, the Grigio Casentino, made with fiordilatte, stracciatella and Vesuvian yellow dates and then the 3Ella, with Mortadella di Prato presidio slow food.

Il Vecchio e il Mare


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