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Cestello Ristoclub
February 16, 2024

The best fish restaurants in Florence

Feel like seafood? Here are the addresses not to be missed in the city!

Who said that good fish cuisine is only eaten at the seaside? Forget for once the Florentine steak and lampredotto, because in Florence there are fish restaurants for real connoisseurs, where you can enjoy excellent dishes in which the quality of materials and the harmony of flavors come first.

Ristorante Borgo San Jacopo

Looking for the best restaurants in Florence? Don't forget to browse through our guide! If, on the other hand, you don't want to give up a mouth-watering plate of sushi, here you will find the best Japanese in town!

Fuor d'acqua
Via Pisana 37r
ph: +39 055 222299

Let's start "beyond the Arno". A few steps from Porta San Frediano, in what was once an old renovated coach depot, is the Fuor d'acqua, loved and frequented by celebrities such as the singer Sting, who several times dined in this restaurant with his wife. Characteristic of the restaurant is the choice to serve only the catch of the day: freshness guaranteed in this undisputed reference point for seafood cuisine. Simple or elaborate recipes according to tradition such as Catalana, paccheri alla Trabaccolara and appetizers, raw or hot, which are one of the specialties along with large plates of raw fish. Desserts are strictly homemade.

Fuor d'acqua

Borgo San Jacopo
Borgo San Jacopo, 62/r
ph. +39 055 281661

We are just a stone's throw from Ponte Vecchio and the atmosphere is as enchanting as the cuisine of Claudio Mengoni, executive chef of this exclusive restaurant with a splendid view of the Arno and the warmth of an elegant private home. Gourmet cuisine of Florentine and Italian tradition, lightened in a contemporary key that also honors the fish with great wisdom and selection. Flavors, colors and shapes come together in his hands to become memorable dishes, with a concrete flavor. Do not miss the ricciola marinated in tomato water with caviar, avocado and annurca apples, not to mention the desserts. Excellent wine list.

Ristorante Borgo San Jacopo

Cestello Ristoclub di Cestello
ph: +39 055 264 5364

The dehors of another of Florence's historic fish restaurants, Cestello Ristoclub, a tribute to Mediterranean gastronomic culture, overlooks the characteristic Piazza del Cestello. Entering the restaurant, you will find a lounge area open until late at night where you can enjoy a fresh aperitif or an after-dinner cocktail, and a real fish market where guests can choose the fish to take home and prepare or to entrust to the expert hands of the chefs, who transform it into refined dishes. A piece of advice? Try the grand plateau of crudités, the delicious French oysters and the Iranian Beluga caviar. All accompanied by an interesting selection of Italian and French champagnes and whites.

Il Cestello Ristoclub

Marina Di Santospirito
Via Maffia, 1/C
ph: +39 338 284 4182

In Oltrarno, where once there was a carpenter's shop, today we find Marina di Santo Spirito, a lovely family-run restaurant. In a timeless atmosphere where the floor is still made of stone, the walls seem to be peeling, the tables are used and made from recycled material, the chef Marina offers his personal culinary versions, which vary depending on the catch of the day. And as if that wasn't enough, at the end of the evening she goes on stage and plays and sings with her customers.

Marina di Santo Spirito

Ventuno Bistrot
Via de’ Vespucci, 21
ph. +39 331 787 3568

An old pizzeria in Peretola, on the outskirts of Florence, transformed into a bistro with a contemporary flavour. At the Ventuno Bistrot there are only chefs, who do everything following a creative flair that from the cooker settles on the table. Simone is the director who alternates between cooking and hosting in the evenings. Vincenzo is the sous chef with a passion for music. Salvatore takes care of the pastry shop with a single objective: to give moments of sweetness to those who pass by the bistro. Here you can put yourself completely in the hands of these three welcoming hosts by choosing one of the 3 blind tasting menus (Our Essence in 5 courses; Consistency 7 courses or Ventuno Bistrot in its entirety 9 courses) or opt for the à la carte menu. To start, for example, there is the octopus in cacciucco sauce, carrots, marjoram. First courses include smoked butter risotto with radishes and lime, second courses include rabbit buttons with beer, sour cream and thyme, and to finish on a sweet note duck in traditional sauce, potato millefeuille and currants.

Ventuno Bistrot

Giacomo al Salviatino
Via del Salviatino, 21 - Fiesole
ph. +39 055 9041111

Giacomo Milano returns to Tuscany, the homeland of founder Giacomo Bulleri, with Giacomo al Salviatino. The restaurant is part of the catering of Hotel Il Salviatino, located in one of the most important Tuscan villas dating back to the 15th century. Giacomo al Salviatino offers cuisine centred on the most authentic Italian tradition, offering a menu that combines simplicity and refinement, using aromatic herbs, vegetables from Il Salviatino's organic garden and a careful selection of the best local ingredients. Among the fish dishes not to be missed are the Gran Misto di pesce crudo, the Linguine alle vongole veraci, bottarga di tonno, tartufo nero and the Filetto di turbot cooked in seaweed, tomatoes and cherries in Catalan. (Seasonal opening, please call).

Salviatino ph. Giulio Ghirardi

Golden View
Via de Bardi 58/r
ph. +39 055 214502

A restaurant with a unique charm, its windows overlook Ponte Vecchio, Corridoio Vasariano, Uffizi and the Arno river. Entering through the main door, the long wooden counter immediately leads to the gastronomy area with a wide selection of cold meats and cheeses. After the Gastronomy, there is an Arte Bianca workshop, which produces bread and pastries for the entire restaurant. Only organic flours from 100% Italian wheat and sourdough are used in the laboratory. From the external windows you can see the beautiful fish market with fish products, Mediterranean and particularly Sicilian such as tuna, swordfish, the famous Mazara red prawns and purple shrimp, as well as other varieties that the daily market offers (Click here to find out all about the Golden View).

Ravioli di patate al polpo, coste di bietola colorata e polvere di olive taggiasche ph Bloomlab

Burro & Acciughe
Via dell'Orto 35/R
ph: +39 055 045 7286

Oltrarno again for a young culinary reality that soon made its way. In San Frediano, between the streets leading to Piazza del Carmine, in its characteristic style, we find Burro & Acciughe that blends the flavors of tradition with an exotic spirit ready to make the difference. Let yourself be charmed by an aperitif of fish, crudités or white wine, a tasty grilled shellfish or the unmissable paccheri del pescatore.

Burro & acciughe

Fiaschetteria Di Pesce
Piazza Taddeo Gaddi, 5/6r
ph: +39 055 706492

In Piazza Taddeo Gaddi, a real fiaschetteria where in the morning you can buy fresh fish or, later, also cooked, takeaway, as if it were a normal rotisserie, but it is at meal times that the place comes alive with a varied clientele. There are no tables, you eat on stools with small tables. In this easy atmosphere, you can devote yourself to the tasting of countless proposals of fish. Try the raw fish, choosing directly from the counter. 

Fiaschetteria di Pesce

Do you love sushi, sashimi and Japanese cuisine? Here is a small selection, and here are the best sushi restaurants in town!

Koko Restaurant - Sushi Bar
Piazza Ferrucci, 4
ph. +39 055 6587428

It is a corner of the Orient just a stone's throw from the Arno, a restaurant with an environment as refined as its cuisine, in which Japanese tradition blends with culinary reinterpretations in a modern key. Absolutely order the sushi boat or a Teppanyaki noodle dish with Japanese grilled fish, also try the sashimi, sake tataki and tempura, all accompanied by Japanese craft beer. Finish lunch or dinner with some excellent sake.


Borgo San Frediano, 10/r
ph. + 39 055 291840

In the colorful San Frediano district we find a place where Japanese elegance and hospitality blend with the vibrant vitality of the city. Opened in 1998, Momoyama was the first restaurant in Florence to dedicate itself to the cuisine of the Rising Sun. Here, research and quality tell the story of the Orient through both traditional and fusion dishes and reinterpretations of creative cuisine. We suggest you to start your experience at Momoyama sipping a drink at the cocktail bar of the restaurant and then continue with the tasting of sushi and sashimi, tempura rolls - cult dish of the restaurant - and the infinite variety of fusion dishes, different every day according to the seasonality of the products. The desserts are also delicious, all homemade.


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