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La Ménagère
November 22, 2021

La Ménagère, a new idea of conviviality

Restaurant, Cocktail Bar, but also a place to work and relax: the new project by Claudio Nardi in the heart of Florence

A serene island and a destination at the same time, in the heart of the city, with a glocal soul, appreciated both by the local public and by that large and dynamic international community of creative youth who choose Florence to cultivate their talent.

With a history deeply rooted in the life of the city, La Ménagère opens as the
La Ménagère opened in 1896 as the first store of refined household good
s. A destination for Florentine families, who chose its wedding lists here, it has continued its activity up to the present day with a changed spirit - linked to the evolution of life in the city center - but strong in the unconditional love and appreciation of its guests and users.

With these premises and an undisputed success over the years, the choice of the Manfredi family to take a further step forward - entrusting the architect Claudio Nardi with a deep and elegant restyling, which further highlights its uniqueness in the national panorama of cool places - underlines the vision and the entrepreneurial role of those who choose to face the new and complex market scene, after 12 long months of profound changes - with equally renewed tools and sensitivity.

La Ménagère

The new project introduces an important change in layout, with the Bar & Cocktails Area that now occupies the right aisle of the venue and has its own entrance, while the central Gallery - located at the main entrance of the venue and where there are Flowers, Complements, Sweetnesses - becomes a dreamy "backdrop" perspective towards the Restaurant area and the new spaces of the enveloping private dining that extends to the Chef's Table, which is present in the kitchen.

The Bistro's iconic communal table - made from large oak planks and flanked by a dramatic, multicolored and imposing wall of vintage glass vases - becomes a natural set on which to live the day, between a meeting with friends, a smart working session or a rainy afternoon, between a tea and a hot chocolate, drawing with the kids.

In the kitchen, Nicholas Duonnolo, already a talented chef in the years since the first opening, now takes the helm with an overall idea of evolutionary cuisine, in which some accents of oriental or South American cultures - of which ceviches and poke are some of the highlights - are in direct contact with the best Italian tradition, such as his "ravioli with buckwheat flour, eggplant, robiola, capuliato and flowers and turnip tops" or "guinea fowl breast with mushrooms, glazed shallots and potato and coffee sauce". The Bistrot is available at any time of day, from breakfast to after dinner. Great selection of cakes and home made pastries, with 12 types of cakes, pancakes and eggs prepared in various formulas, with ample space for simple but characterful dishes such as burgers, salads and original poke.

La Ménagère

Great news also concern the Bar, with the arrival at La Ménagère of one of the Italian figures of reference in the international world of mixology, Luca Cinalli. In the first cocktail list signed by Cinalli, the mix of internationality and love for Italian liquor is surprising, as demonstrated by the Carribbean Colony (gin and citron base, lime and grapefruit) or the Cereise Spritz (Sakura Mancino with prosecco, cherry liqueur, pink grapefruit), but there is no lack of evidence of technical and sensory finesse as the Peanut Misture (with peanut butter, pink grapefruit, acacia honey, lillet, grapes, Talisker, J Walker Black Label, bitter angostura, jelly). To accompany the mixology creations, a selection of tapas that boast a dedicated menu: a varied choice of sandwiches, but also fish dishes such as cod or octopus on the spit.

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