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March 1, 2023

Sandwiches: the best in Florence and where to eat them

Here is our selection of sandwiches in Florence that are worth the bite

It's easy to say panino. For some people the term only means two slices of bread with cold cuts in-between, in Tuscany however it defines an unrelenting variety of ready-to-eat delicacies, made from truly locally sourced ingredients and a rich culinary tradition that the entire world envies.

It is the top lunch break option (but also for asnack, breakfast, happy hour…) of Florentines and tourists alike. In the city there is no shortage of bakeries where you can taste the best schiacciate con l'affettato, trippai where you can taste the best sandwich with lampredotto (we have also prepared for you a tour among the stalls of the best in town) and even small stores and the best of stops for an unforgettable sandwich. Here are the best of them:

All'Antico Vinaio
Via dei Neri, 65,74,76,78
ph. +39 055 238 2723

He is the most famous and reviewed "paninaro" in the world, in Via dei Neri at numbers 65,74,76,78, a stone's throw from Piazza della Signoria, but also at the Gigli, in Milan, and soon in Rome! His "Bada come la fuma" is the motto that anticipates gluttonous feast of each schiacciata that bears his signature. Behind this huge success there is Tommaso Mazzanti who absolutely recommends you to try: the schiacciata with Tuscan Porchetta, Parmesan cheese cream and homemade roasted potato cream, the "Tricolore" with beef carpaccio, pistachio cream and hazelnut grains with fresh basil and finally the one with Tuscan Porchetta, sweet gorgonzola, pistachio cream and sun-dried tomatoes.

All'Antico Vinaio

Via de' Tornabuoni, 64R
ph. +39 055 211656

You can’t write about Florence without mentioning its famous truffled sandwiches. We are talking about Procacci, a delicatessen founded in 1885 in the prestigious Via de' Tornabuoni. Its specialties related to truffle processing are a Florentine institution. The one you absolutely must try? The sandwich with fried egg and precious black truffle, to be enjoyed with a glass of Barolo Prunotto by Marchesi Antonori and then tell us.

Il panino con uovo e tartufo di Procacci

Piazza Lorenzo Ghilberti, 44 r

It could be called a sandwich boutique. Among the possible combinations you can choose from wild boar and polenta, ciuco, herring, pecorino cheese and tomatoes or anchovies, orange and puntarelle. Only the freshest and strictly seasonal ingredients. High quality at an affordable price: here the winning formula is a sandwich and a glass of wine for five euros. Fun atmosphere and very characteristic, stop for a quick lunch if you are in the area of Sant'Ambrogio.

semel firenze

Via dei Georgofili, 3r/7r
ph. +39 055 214154

Between the Uffizi and Ponte Vecchio, Alessandro Frassica's gourmet store specializes in sandwiches, and is a small refuge recommended for the purchase of rare local, national and foreign specialties. Among his signature sandwiches, you absolutely must try the Panino Costiera with stracciatella di Burrata cheese, anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea and lemon oil, collected in its classic and fragrant hot cobbler. It will be love at first sight.


I Fratellini
Via dei Cimatori, 38/r
ph. +39 055 239 6096

It's always nice to turn the corner of Via Calzaioli, go to I Fratellini and order a hot, crispy sandwich and accompany it with a good glass of wine. Twenty labels in rotation including Chianti, Brunello and Morellino. The sandwich you can't miss? The simple and unforgettable one with raw ham (strictly Tuscan), cream cheese and rocket. Try it to believe.

Il panino de I Fratellini

La Nicchietta in Calimaruzza
Via Calimaruzza, 12
ph. +39 055 614 2647

La Nicchietta was born from an original idea of Michele, its owner, who, with years of experience in the field, decided to start this adventure of taste in the center of Florence, 50 meters from Piazza della Signoria. Quality products and seasonality are two inseparable concepts, like the two slices of a good sandwich. Among the unmissable is the sandwich with Finocchiona, Burrata and fresh seared artichoke, in schiacciata, wood-fired bread or 5-grain bread (all strictly without lard) and the classic rosetta with lard marinated in 5 herbs, dried tomatoes and Tuscan pecorino cheese.

La Nicchietta in Calimaruzza

La Schiacciata
Via dell'Ariento, Mercato Centrale

Massimiliano Parri's new La Schiacciata shop with Luisanna Messeri brings a typically Florentine product revisited in a gourmet key to the first floor of the Mercato Centrale. Thanks to quality ingredients, the schiacciata is offered in two versions, white with the addition of ancient flours and wholemeal, reinventing itself each time. The menu, curated by the artisans with the help of the two chefs Damiano Attucci and Andrea Venzo at the counter, includes a dozen proposals that are renewed and changed with the seasonality and according to what the market offers. Between the two warm, crispy layers of schiacciata, the chefs slice cold cuts and hams, lard and pecorino cheese, and spread zola and Parmesan cheese creams. There are also vegetarian dishes and gluten-free schiacciata. At aperitif time, a series of small samples and pickles to enjoy with a glass of wine or a cocktail from the Market.

La Schiacciata di Massimiliano Parri con Luisanna Messeri

Via del Parione, 19
ph. +39 055 214067

Croutons and sandwiches are prepared in a hole full of goodies. Here, the sincerity of the products is divinely combined with that of the owners who have always used natural and homemade products. Here you can choose your sandwich completely tailored, in front of an array of mouth watering ingredients. Here are our recommendations: The sandwich with the legendary chicken galatina, artichokes and mayonnaise; the one with tongue, broccoli, chicory and mustard and even the classic pork, artichokes and truffles and finally the freshest: the one with carne salada, broad beans and pecorino cheese. Sandwich with a matching glass of wine does not exceed 10 euros.

I panini di Mariano

Casa del Vino
Via dell'Ariento, 16r
ph. +39 055 215609

Gianni Migliorini is the owner of this store linked to the oldest Florentine food tradition, near the San Lorenzo Market (and this is where his products come from) and founded by his grandfather in the early twentieth century. Try the sandwich with cherry tomatoes seasoned with anchovies, capers and a taste of chili pepper that go perfectly with a fresh burratina.

Casa del Vino

Il Cernacchino
Via della Condotta, 38R
ph. +39 055 294119

A stone's throw from Piazza della Signoria, two welcoming ladies serve continuous sandwiches hollowed out to contain the classic Peposo all'imprunetina, Florentine tripe, bracioline rifatte al pomodoro, repassed chicken livers or the "Ciccina bona" (a tender and tasty beef stew). Tip. Order their Panino numero 4, with Tuscan salami, fig mustard and semi-mature pecorino dell'Amiata.

la bottega de il cernacchino

Fiaschetteria Nuvoli
Piazza dell'Olio, 15/r
ph. +39 055 239 6616

We are just a few steps away from the Duomo. When you get here there are three passions to share: one for soccer, or rather for Fiorentina; one for photography, which is linked to the history of this family and is found in the beautiful photos hanging on the walls; and last but not least that for the Tuscan cuisine. You absolutely have to try their sandwich with sbriciolona, cherry tomatoes and artichokes or the classic Tuscan ham, pecorino cheese and truffle sauce and, last but not least: the sandwich with porchetta.

Fiaschetteria Nuvoli

Chiosco Volante al secondo piano, Viale Alessandro Guidoni, 85
ph. +39 377 2977098

For the curious and those looking for something different from the classic Florentine lampredotto, chef Gaetano Cerasuolo, aka Tano, has come up with the vegan lampredotto. Seitanotto recreates the taste and chew of classic lampredotto with mushrooms born from coffee grounds and seitan (10%). The salsa verde is also vegan; seaweed is used instead of anchovy, and boiled and then mashed potato is used to give texture. Inevitable is the hot sauce which is composed of chili bell pepper and the sweet bell pepper. To recreate the taste of the meat he uses Kala Namak salt which has a sulfur percentage that goes to give the broth that smell of boiled meat. The sandwich is homemade with a 36-hour biga and Tuscan flours.


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