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October 1, 2020

The best 'panini' in Florence

Street food is a noble undertaking in Firenze. Here are 8 of the best

Now it's official, the street-food-mania has infected everyone. But in Florence it has always been an institution. From east to west this side of Arno, here is where to taste the best sandwiches of the city.

Let's start from the Antico Vinaio (Via de' Neri, 73r). Expect a bit of queue, but it's worth it for its stuffed dunks known all over the world. The autumn version? Tuscan lard and sweet gorgonzola that melt on the hot schiacciata, fig cream, hazelnut grains and honey.

The gourmet address of Florence street food is Ino (Via dei Georgofili, 3-7r). Not just a simple sandwich shop, but a gourmet boutique where you can taste the highest quality handmade products combined with taste and originality. 

Not far from here you can find the warm and crispy sandwiches of I Fratellini (Via dei Cimatori, 38r) to be served with a glass of wine. A must of theirs that always goes well in summer and winter? Roast ham burrata ham and dried tomatoes or roast ham and truffle cream.

For more refined tastes there are the famous truffle sandwiches of Procacci (Via de' Tornabuoni, 64r) since 1885. Among the great Classics: truffle, truffle and foie fras, butter and anchovies, salmon with cheese cream and chives. In this season we recommend the one with truffle omelette, truffle vinaigrette, brie di San Gimignano with red tropea onions. Every week a new sandwich to try!

The wine bar has existed for 211 years, but the restaurant has belonged to the Nuvoli family for more than 30 years. A stone's throw from the Duomo, when you arrive at Fiaschetteria Nuvoli (Piazza dell'Olio, 15), there are three passions to share: the one for soccer, or rather for Fiorentina; the one for photography, which is linked to the history of this family and can be found in the beautiful photos hanging on the walls; and last but not least the one for Tuscan cuisine. Do not miss the sandwich with porchetta lampredotto and green sauce or with semi-sweet ham and pecorino cheese, butter and anchovies and the classic with tuna.

Gianni Migliorini is the owner of La Casa del Vino (Via dell'Ariento, 16r), a historic store linked to the oldest Florentine food tradition, near the San Lorenzo Market and founded by his grandfather in the early twentieth century. Try his traditional sandwiches, 8 to be precise, the one with anchovy tomatoes, capers and burrata; cold tripe salad and offal with green sauce and finally with mackerel and artichokes.

A stone's throw from Piazza della Signoria, Il Cernacchino (Via della Condotta 38r), where two welcoming ladies serve continuous wheeled sandwiches dug out to contain the classic Peposo all'imprunetina, tripe Florentine style, the tomato chops (really good), the chicken livers ripassati or the "Ciccina bona" (a tender and tasty stew of beef). Try also Carabaccia and Acquacotta. The novelty of the season? The peposo of Lampredotto.

In a hole full of delicacies are prepared croutons and sandwiches, Mariano (Via del Parione, 19r). Classic sandwiches with sliced meats but also sandwiches made to measure to your liking: marinated tongue, truffle meat, chicken galantine, salad meat that goes well with favette and pecorino cheese, arista with artichokes and truffle and salmon.

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