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Ciro & Son's

photo cover: Ciro & Son's

January 21, 2022

The best gluten free pizzerias in Florence

No one has to give up the delicious taste of pizza! For this reason, today we propose what we think are the best gluten free pizzerias in Florence

Looking for a good 100% gluten free pizza in Florence? We have just the thing for you! A top list with the addresses to remember to eat a delicious gluten-free pizza. If, however, you are looking for restaurants, trattorias, ice cream parlors and more, do not miss our guide with the gluten free places where to stop absolutely in the city!

Starita a Materdei
via San Gallo

Antonio Starita's pizzas have arrived in Florence, even in a gluten-free version. A good 120 years of history, which from Naples has even arrived in New York. Among the proposals not to be missed the Marinara Starita (red pizza, with tomato, garlic, oregano, datterino, pecorino romano and pepper), the Porta a Porta (double stuffing, in one part ricotta, in the other friarielli and in the middle buffalo bites, pomodorini del piennolo, pecorino romano e olio extravergine di oliva), and the famous Corna di Maradona (pizza dough shaped like horns filled with ricotta cheese, pepper and ciccioli napoletaniodoro, pepper).

La pizza di Starita

Il Vecchio e il Mare
Via Vincenzo Gioberti, 61
ph. +39 055 669575

It is street food for those who have a sweet tooth and are able to recognize quality. Founded in 2008, the pizzeria Il vecchio e il mare has decided to open the Express starting in 2019 (a point of sale to the public that offers a selection of street food specialties in Mediterranean sauce). Their assortment of pizzas is really very wide and very appreciated for its quality. In fact, its 36/48 hours of leavening guarantee it 100% digestibility. In addition, the dough of gluten-free pizzas is prepared every day from scratch, stuffed and cooked in the 'greenhouse' (created specifically to eliminate any contamination). Among the most loved by customers, the 3Ella with fior di latte campano, mortadella di Prato (slow food presidium that differs from the classic one because this has almost the consistency of a finocchiona) and "straccia".

Il Vecchio e il Mare

La Luna
Via Vincenzo Gioberti, 93r
ph. +39 055 663810

La Luna is a historic Florentine pizzeria. It is appreciated by many for their famous pizza cooked strictly in wood. In addition, the menu is very rich: it goes from appetizers to first courses, second courses, hamburgers and pizzas. Some of these pizzas have a refined taste and are named after planets. Do not miss the Giove with fior di latte mozzarella, grilled eggplant and gorgonzola cheese! Obviously, for traditionalists, there are also the classic ones.

Pizzeria La Luna

Ciro & Sons
Via del Giglio, 28r
ph. +39 055 289694

Ciro & Sons has been open for over 70 years. Their pizzas are delicious, made following the Neapolitan tradition and meeting everyone's needs. In fact, in addition to the classics, there are also Gluten Free, Lactose Free and Vegan. Absolutely to try their gourmet pizzas (such as Bellagio with radicchio, gorgonzola, mozzarella and bresaola).

La Pizza di Ciro & Sons

Via dell’Agnolo/105/107R
ph. +39 055 248 0200

It all began with a dream in the drawer, two pizza makers, a small oven and a pizzeria with a few seats in Florence. Since then, Pizzagnolo has become a real laboratory of pizza, the result of many years of experience and quality raw materials, first of all the Gatti flour, from Tuscan and Umbrian grains. The rest is passion, hands in the dough every day, tomatoes, smell of wood and a lot of love for pizza. In addition to whole wheat and multigrain dough, we find the gluten free one made of rice flour and potato starch.


Via dei neri, 49r
ph. +39 055 219934

Sgrano was born from the idea of creating delicious pizzas "for everyone", becoming an excellence in the Gluten Free sector. Their starting point is a long work of research and development of the best homemade dough (with buckwheat flour, Teff, Sorghum, Whole Wheat and many others ...) and a careful selection of the best meats and cheeses from Tuscany. They are now known for their delicious schiacciate, coccoli and pizzas. For lovers of refined tastes, not to be missed is their pizza with mozzarella, zucchini, salted ricotta, tomato confit and salted almonds. Active home delivery service in the following areas: historical center, Cure, Porta romana, Careggi, Dalmazia, Novoli.

The unmissable pizza and schiacciata of Sgrano

La Pépinière
Borgo San Frediano, 169
ph. +39 055 223914

This is an organic, cozy and very well maintained restaurant. Their attention to perfection leads them to achieve impeccable results. Very light and balanced their pizzas (both Gluten Free and Vegan), which give a real explosion of flavors at first taste. We recommend you to try the one with venus rice dough sorghum, red teff, flax seeds and chia. The menu is really wide (with appetizers, first and second courses, pizzas and desserts) and it is even possible to order it as a delivery (the cost of this service is variable).

Pépinière's gluten-free pizza

Don Fefè
Lungarno Cristoforo Colombo, 8r
ph. +39 055 614 3084

Quality and love for cooking: these are the main aspects of Pizzeria Don Fefè. Both delicious appetizers and pizzas (classic and gourmet) are made. Impossible not to taste the pizza with Lard, Crispy Sage, Burrata Dop, and Pink Pepper.

Don Fefè

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