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 Starita Firenze
November 24, 2021

The famous Neapolitan pizzeria Starita in Florence

After Naples, New York, Milan and Turin, one of the most authentic and delicious pizzas ever arrives in the city.

Antonio Starita's pizzas, arancini, frittatine pasta and fried flowers, and Maradona's famous horns. In Florence, in Via San Gallo, comes Starita a Materdei, one of the oldest Neapolitan pizzerias that this year celebrates 120 years.

Starita Firenze

Starita's history began in 1901, in Materdei district of Naples, as a winery opened by Alfonso Starita. Soon it was transformed into a place open to the tasting of wines and traditional foods on the idea of his son Giuseppe. Today, Don Antonio and his sons, Peppe and Mena, carry on the business. Here tradition and conviviality are the main features, and they proudly aim at respecting the use of raw materials and a centuries-old technique.

Starita Firenze

The one in Florence is the fifth point of sale after Naples, New York opened in 2012, Milan in 2016 and Turin in 2018. From father to son, the art of pizza has come down to the present day and preserves the most authentic image of the Neapolitan spirit and cuisine.

La pizza di Starita

Pizza remains the queen of the menu, but the typical Neapolitan fried foods are also a must-try. Among the most loved tastes the MARINARA STARITA (red pizza, with tomato, garlic, oregano, date, pecorino romano and pepper) the PORTA A PORTA (double stuffing, in one part ricotta cheese, in the other part friarielli and in the middle buffalo bites, pomodorini del piennolo, pecorino romano and extra virgin olive oil), and Corna di Maradona (pizza dough shaped like horns and filled with ricotta cheese, pepper and ciccioli napoletaniodoro, pepper). There are also several gluten free proposals.

Corna di Maradona

Via San Gallo 2r
Chiuso lunedì
Orario dalle 12 alle 15 e dalle 19 alle 24

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