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Breakfast in Florence
March 15, 2024

The best breakfasts in the center of Florence

Bars and bakeries not to be missed to start the morning with a smile

It is known: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Every morning we should find the time to stop and quietly enjoy what we like the most.

In this area, Florence is truly amazing and offers an immense amount of pastry shops. How to, then, choose the best one? That's why er are here! In fact, today we present to you the list of the best pastry shops in the city... are you ready to start your day off on the right foot?

Find a minute in your morning to stop and enjoy something you love

Via Roma, 1r
ph. +39 055 213896

Gilli is the oldest coffee house in Florence. In fact, this was established by a Swiss family in 1733, when the Medici family still ruled. To recognize is the fact that here the specialty of traditional craftsmanship is combined in a natural way with modernity.
In fact, try desserts such as the Linzer Torte (typical Austrian) reinterpreted by their Maître Pâtissier with a delicate hazelnut shortcrust pastry with cooked blackberries, finished off with whipped cream and mascarpone cheese.... a real treat for the eyes and the palate! Also, much appreciated is their signature mignon pastry. Attention: it doesn't end here! In addition to all this, we recommend you try their coffee (with the addition of cream for those who have a sweet tooth). In fact, Caffè Gilli has been awarded three beans and three cups by Gambero Rosso for the third year in a row, because only a very fine blend of 100% Arabica quality is used to prepare the espresso. The hot chocolate is also excellent.

Caffè Gilli

Piazza della Repubblica, 6r
ph. +39 055 210236

From brewery to literary café that brought together intellectuals at the end of the 19th century, Paszkowski has retained all its charm and style over time. It is one of the symbols of the city's tradition and for the third year in a row it boasts the Gambero Rosso's 3 beans and 3 cups award. The patisserie and cafeteria are of high quality, try the Paszkowski cake, yeast rolls and cupcakes for a breakfast that gets you off on the right foot.


Galleria Iginio Massari Firenze
Via de' Vecchietti, 3
ph: +39 055 8025253

After Brescia, Milan, Turin and Verona, the king of Italian pastry chefs famous for a legendary panettone, has arrived in Florence, flanked by his children Nicola and Debora. It is on the ground floor of the charming hotel Helvetia & Bristol Firenze, right in the center, and is striking for the size of the laboratory, almost bigger than the pastry shop itself. In the pastry shop, you can find all of the pastries, but next to the already consolidated production, there are also many new products, including, of course, the typical Florentine specialties such as zuccotto. The line might discourage you, but don't give up, it's worth it!

Galleria Iginio Massari Firenze

Wanda Caffè
Via Pisana 12/14r
ph. +39 055 0161009

In the heart of San Frediano, Wanda Caffè has opened. A place open from morning until evening with a clear and precise identity, that of Enrica Della Martira, a former contestant of Masterchef 2014 and now a highly regarded Florentine chef. Enrica Della Martira's passion for cooking stems from her close bond with her grandmother Wanda, after whom she wanted to name her café. Enrica has designed an All Day Menu that opens with a mélange of French croissanterie and classic Italian breakfast. From the slightly savory croissants and pain au chocolat of romantic Paris, to the breakfasts of our childhood with pastries, homemade cakes and bread with butter and jam. Plus stuffed sandwiches, hot baguettes, toast and sandwiches for savory lovers.

Wanda Caffè (ph. Olivia Magris)

Piazza di San Giovanni, 19
ph. +39 055 210733

Scudieri was born in Florence in 1939. Its location is perfect: on the corner of Via dei Cerretani, in front of the Baptistery of San Giovanni and the nineteenth-century facade of Santa Maria del Fiore. The pastry shop is the strong point. The products are made in the traditional way and are always served freshly baked. To be appreciate is the variety offered by the counter where they include their cookies, mignons and even crumbly croissants.

Try one of Scudieri's handcrafted won't regret it!

Via de' Tornabuoni, 64/r
ph. +39 055 211656

There is nothing better than starting your day by having breakfast in the historic company Procacci placed in the heart of Florence. In fact, this delicatessen was founded in 1885 and, in a short time, has gained a wide reputation among the citizens, becoming a Florentine institution still intact.
Precisely for this reason, you absolutely must find a few minutes to go (starting at 10.00 am) in this delicious environment, so that you can taste these sensational delicacies. Don't miss their homemade apple pie, which we recommend you to accompany with one of their frothy cappuccinos. You will also find delicious coconut cookies, chocolate cookies and their highly appreciated "bomboloncini" filled with chantilly cream.
Moreover, their hot brioches have an unmistakable taste.


Caffè Amerini
Via della Vigna Nuova, 61/63 r
ph. +39 055 284941

The kindness of the staff will lead you to go to this pastry shop every morning, becoming regular customers. Do not miss their selection of cakes, always fresh and made to meet everyone's tastes! Among these are those with pistachio, chocolate, cream and fruit... and many more! Customers appreciate the brioches, whose crunchiness gives them an unmistakable taste. In addition, there are the traditional rice cakes and the delicious chocolate saccottini! Also, for those who prefer savoury food, there is a wide range of schiacciate (flat bread) and pizzette (pizza) that must be ordered!

Who is able to resist these delicious brioches from Caffè Amerini?

Via Pietrapiana, 24r
ph. +39 055 241012

Historical store in the city, opened in 1950 by Maria Luisa Falai and Vinicio Nencioni. A pastry bar born as a neighborhood bottega: a bakery with its own production of bread, cakes and fresh pasta that has grown over the years specializing in pastries. Don't miss the mignon pastries and rice cakes for breakfast. Their brioches are much appreciated by customers.

The incredible delights made by Pastry Nencioni

Caffè Lietta
Piazza della Libertà, 6/7/8
ph. +39 055 2696874

One of the strengths of Caffè Lietta is certainly the breakfast. In fact, the laboratory of this pastry shop produces every day a wide assortment of delicacies that will make your morning unforgettable. Surely the first thing that will come to mind to those who know this place is the "Pirulo", a special pudding made with short pastry filled with ricotta cheese. It goes from "basic" flavors such as chocolate-pistachio or cream-berries, to many other daily surprises that follow the creativity of the pastry chef!
In addition to these delicacies, there is no shortage of traditional rice puddings (which are rarely available in the late morning!) and super fragrant hollow croissants. Don't miss the whole variety of pastries such as brioches, saccottini, scendiletto and pastries with cream, rice, chocolate and apple!
Finally, the whole part of the cafeteria is entrusted to the expert hands of their bartenders, who will make for you cappuccinos and coffees of the utmost goodness!

Caffè Lietta

Caffè Pasticceria Serafini
Via Vincenzo Gioberti, 168/r
ph. +39 055 2476214

It is a historic place in Florence, born in 1928 from the creativity of Nello Campanelli. The name was originally "Campanelli Campanello", which is a nice play on words around the name of the owner.
Today this pastry shop is a real certainty, for those who want to ensure a breakfast worthy of a king! In fact, the choice offered by the counter is really very wide and is able to meet the needs of all. We go from fine pastries, to fresh pastries and even seasonal pastries.
In the midst of this vastness of delights, the most appreciated by customers is the cream puff pastry, made with top quality products and with an unmistakable taste. You must also try their cremini (with cream and blackberry, cream and pistachio, or cream and nutella), their boat-shaped shortcrusts and strudel with apple and cinnamon! For lovers of tradition, do not miss the pappatacci with raisins.
And to drink? Order a Fornacino, a coffee enriched with milk cream, cocoa powder and chocolate chips... try it!

Try Pasticceria Serafini to make your breakfast unforgettable

Dolci & Dolcezze
Piazza Cesare Beccaria, 8r
ph. +39 055 2345458

Do not be fooled by the appearance: this is not a boutique or a jewelry store. Open the door. Only in this way you will discover what an intimate and refined corner is this pastry shop. In fact, Dolci & Dolcezze is the perfect place to stop for breakfast. Absolutely not to be missed are the cream croissants, much appreciated by all customers. Moreover, the rice puddings and the delicious pastries with cream and orange are also not to be missed. Plus it's worth ordering their puff pastry with cooked cream!
To accompany your order, try the cappuccinos. They are super foamy!
Did we make your mouth water? We're not done yet! In fact, for those of you who like to step outside the box, absolutely try the anise flavored barley coffee.

Pasticceria Dolci & Dolcezze is a real jewel in the heart of Florence


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