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carlo verdone - ph dario garofalo

Virginia Mammoli - ph. Dario Garofalo

February 14, 2020

Carlo Verdone presents his new film in Florence

'Si vive una volta sola', also written with the Tuscan screenwriter and director Giovanni Veronesi

40 years after Un sacco bello, the great Roman actor and director, but also from Tuscan origins, returns with a new film, written with his colleague and friend from Prato Giovanni Veronesi - with whom in 2000 he wrote C'era un cinese in coma and for whom he played an actor in the trilogy Manuale d'amore and in Italians - and Pasquale Plastino.

Si vive una volta sola, this is the title.

"I spent 7 months writing subjects on subjects, but nobody excited me. Then one day I met Giovanni Veronesi for lunch and he told me a story, which I immediately found interesting. From there, slowly this idea has sprouted into the story we tell in this film". - says Carlo Verdone during the presentation of the film in Florence, the same city where he made his first theatrical tour - "It is the story of a medical team. Both luminaries in the operating theatre and alone in their private lives, so they also hang out outside the operating theatre. These 'colleague-friends' find themselves having to give bad news to the anaesthetist (Rocco) and decide to give it to him all together during a holiday in Puglia, made of a thousand twists and turns".

"It's a film about friendship," he continues, "in all its various forms. There's a lot of laughter, but there are also intense moments."

si vive una volta sola

In the cast, together with Verdone, Max Tortora, Rocco Papaleo and Anna Foglietta.

"I had a great desire to make a choral film, to express myself in terms of direction and I wanted to have these very actors next to me, with whom I had never worked before and who I liked very much."

Finally a thought for our city: "I am very attached to Florence. My father's first job, who was born in Siena, was to be a correspondent of the Nation for the show. Every now and then he would do an article and take it by bus (we are talking about the '40s) from Siena to Florence. In doing so he made a circle of great friends, Franco Zeffirelli, Cesare Brandi and Alfredo Bianchini.
Al lupo al lupo, infondo, was a tribute to this city."


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