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Chiusi Fuori - Colin Firth, Stefano Accorsi

Text Teresa Favi

September 9, 2021

Colin Firth and Stefano Accorsi in a short film shot at the Pergola Theatre in Florence

Presented at the Venice Film Festival 2021 'Chiusi Fuori' is an ode to theatre as a home for all the arts

A short film starring Stefano Accorsi and Colin Firth, shot at the Teatro della Pergola in Florence and co-produced by the Fondazione Teatro della Toscana. It is entitled Locked Out and tells of the wounds that the lockdown has caused to the world of culture and the theatre in particular.
It was premiered on 8 September 2021 at the Venice Film Festival. The short film was directed by Giorgio Testi at the Pergola in Florence, which participated with its entire staff, proving to be an ideal place for experimenting with the relationship between cinema and theatre.
Chiusi Fuori stems from the need to revive what is the symbolic place and emblem of the closure, of the violent slowdown that the world of entertainment has had to endure this year: the theatre. The theatre is described as the home of all the arts, as a forge of work and incredible works. A place that has never really stopped and has continued to live despite everything. A tribute, a message of strength from art for art's sake, but also a way of telling the spectator that nothing will ever be able to extinguish our desire to create, study, experiment, live.

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