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Elio Germano

Text Teresa Favi

January 11, 2021

Elio Germano pioneer of virtual reality in Florence with Pirandello

Così è (o mi pare) VR is the new virtual reality film by director Omar Rashid and Elio Germano shot in Florence

It is called Così è (o mi pare) VR and is the latest Gold project, co-produced by Infinito and Teatro della Pergola. A modern reinterpretation of Pirandello's classic "Così è (se vi pare)", written by Elio Germano, which will become a film in virtual reality.

In December, Florence's Così è (o mi pare) VR saw the dynamic duo Elio Germano - Omar Rashid at work.  Elio Germano wrote the screenplay and directed the theatre, and during this new adventure he directed a very large cast: 18 actors and actresses with solid careers in theatre and cinema, but new to 3D filming. 

Omar Rashid, Elio Germano

Omar Rashid shared the VR direction with tools unknown to most people to make the 360-degree shots. This is a recording of a performance, but the particular way in which it is enjoyed - through special 3D visors - will allow the audience to intensely experience every single moment of what is being told on the stage.

The new challenge is to put the audience on stage. To go from being a distant audience sitting in the stalls to being inside the stage space, where the actors move. In other words, on stage. In short, the possibility of the play moving from a distant stage to being all around us. So that we, the spectators, end up being one of the characters in the story.
The filming took place in a farmhouse near Florence. The result? "The national premiere will be at the Pergola," said Elio Germano, "where we had the privilege of being Stefano Accorsi's first production as the new director of the Florentine theatre. It will probably be in March, if the pandemic allows it".

And so it is that those who return to sit at the Pergola will find themselves, thanks to a special visor, inside the same stage space where the actors move.
We look forward to it.


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