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Cappella della Maddalena Museo Nazionale del Bargello detail
March 23, 2021

Dantedì. All the appointments in Florence

The calendar of March 25, national day dedicated to Dante

On March 25, date that scholars recognize as the beginning of the journey to the afterlife of the Divine Comedy, the genius of Dante is celebrated all over Italy and in the world.

This year's edition falls on the seven hundredth anniversary of the death of the Poet and there are many initiatives organized to celebrate this day.

On March 24th: on the eve of Dante's death, the Uffizi Galleries propose at the Auditorium of the Uffizi at 5pm a Lectura Dantis entrusted to Paolo Procaccioli, a well-known scholar of Dante's language.

Giuseppe Penone - Abete

On March 25th a large work by Giuseppe Penone will be inaugurated in Piazza della Signoria: a maxi-fir which is an anticipation of the exhibition of contemporary art Alberi Inversi, with works by the Turinese master, dedicated to Alighieri and held in the spaces of the Galleries from June 1st to September 12th. About 22 meters high, the installation will be the largest work ever hosted in the public space of the historic center of Florence.
In Florence, the 25th will also be presented the restoration of the cenotaph of Dante in Santa Croce by the sculptor Stefano Ricci, inaugurated on March 24, 1830 and realized with a subscription of the city. For the occasion, at 11 am, the Teatro della Toscana will be symbolically present with Monica Guerritore reading from the I canto of the Inferno and the XXXIV canto of the Purgatorio.

the catalog of the exhibition An Ancient and Honorable Citizen of Florence. The Bargello and Dante

Online on the YouTube channel and on the FB pages of the Accademia Gallery and the Bargello Museums Cecilie Hollberg, Director of the Gallery, and Paola D'Agostino, Director of the Bargello Museums, will narrate The Tree of Life by Pacino di Buonaguida, painter and miniaturist, who was one of the very first illustrators in Florence of the Comedy, in the first half of the 14th century. The work will then be displayed within the exhibition An Ancient and Honorable Citizen of Florence. The Bargello and Dante, which will open to the public on April 21, 2021, for the celebrations of 700 years since Dante's death. The countdown to the exhibition, also begins with the publication of its catalog and the closing of the restoration campaign of Giotto's frescoes in the Chapel of the Magdalene (inside which is preserved the oldest portrait of Dante). The Fondazione il Bargello onlus has also produced a video on the work carried out inside the chapel, a preview of which will be available from March 25 on the website In September, the National Bargello Museum will also host La mirabile visione. Dante and the Comedy in the Symbolist imagination. On the occasion of both exhibitions there will be free workshops for children and families dedicated to the discovery of Dante and 14th century Florence.

In the evening, Dante's tercets will be the protagonists of a social initiative realized in collaboration with the Dante Society of America and New York University. A Call to Action that will invite people from all over the world to recite their favorite passages of the Comedy. The event will open with a streaming greeting from Piazza Santa Croce in Florence and from Dante Park in New York on March 25.

One of the plaques in Palazzo Vecchio dedicated to Dante (ph. Mattia Marasco)

Also on March 25, the Percorsi Danteschi (Dante Itineraries) will begin, organized by Mus.e together with the World Heritage Office of the City. A unique opportunity to discover the city through the eyes of the poet: the idea is to organize free walks every weekend, from March 25 until December, in small groups and in safety. The itinerary starts from the first courtyard of Palazzo Vecchio, where there are as many as three Dante plaques, to outline the salient features of Dante's political commitment, which culminated in the Priory of the summer of 1300, just while this building was under construction, to continue through the narrow streets around Dante's house and its places, from the Torre della Castagna to Casa Donati, from the Badia Fiorentina to the "bel San Giovanni" where he was baptized and where he dreamed of returning crowned poet: "and in the font of my baptism I will take my hat" (Paradiso, XXV, 9).

Not to be missed is Roberto Benigni reading Dante live on Rai 1 at 7.15 pm.

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