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March 23, 2020

The appointments of the first Dantedì

The celebrations of the international day dedicated to the Supreme Poet, from this year every March 25th, do not stop, but move on the web

March 25th is the day on which Dante's otherworldly journey begins in his Divine Comedy.
That's why this date has been chosen to celebrate from now on the international day dedicated to the Supreme Poet, Dantedì.

A long series of initiatives had been organized throughout Italy, particularly in Florence, where the Supreme Poet was born and lived until his famous exile. Because of the coronavirus of course all the events were cancelled, but the festivities did not stop and moved online, with virtual flashmobs, such as the MIBAC, which invites everyone, at 12 o'clock, to read Dante and rediscover the verses of the Comedy, as well as the Dante Alighieri Society, which at 6 p.m., sent to do the same from balconies and windows, in particular recommending the two famous triplets of Paolo and Francesca, who tell of the love that wins everything.
Rai Teche has selected the lecturae Dantis interpreted by the greatest artists of our time, programmed in the three Rai networks and on Rai Play. All day long pills, streaming readings and performances dedicated to Dante, with the hashtags #Dantedì and #IoleggoDante.

The Uffizi celebrate the first Dantedì with the purchase of Francesca da Rimini in Dante's hell, but that's not all: in fact, the online exhibition on Dante's Images from the Uffizi Galleries also starts, with a selection of 11 works belonging to the collection of the Galleries, including paintings, drawings and sculptures from the fifteenth to the nineteenth century will tell the figure, the characters and the fortune of Alighieri in the history of art. While on Facebook the virtual tour in the 'underworld' of the museum: a visit divided into two episodes, to discover the basement of the medieval church of San Pier Scheraggio, where in the fourteenth century the Consiglio del Popolo of which Dante Alighieri was a member met

commonly begins Dante's ultra-terrestrial journey in his divine comedy on 25 March

On Firenze TV, the YouTube channel edited by the Fondazione Teatro della Toscana to let people experience the places of culture in this delicate period, at 8.30 pm a special edition dedicated to the Supreme Poet will be aired with Stefano Accorsi, the new artistic director of the Foundation, Gabriele Lavia and Glauco Mauri, who will read some songs from the Divine Comedy. Following the readings by the young students of the Nuovi and the Scuola l'Oltrarno directed by Pierfrancesco Favino.

Among the various initiatives also the anticipation of Dante Poeta Eterno, a multimedia work that comes to life from nineteenth-century engravings by the French illustrator Gustave Doré, made by Felice Limosani. The project was conceived in view of the 700th anniversary of Dante's death (which will be celebrated in 2021), with the collaboration of the Opera di Santa Croce (a place strongly linked to Dante's memory) and the City of Florence.

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