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Esce, il magnifico colosso, da un laboratorio di Borgo degli Albizi, nel cuore di Firenze, dove il restauratore Nicola Salvioli e il suo team,
April 19, 2021

David's twin lands in Dubai

Art and technology meet in the realization of a faithful 3D replica of Michelangelo's masterpiece

The 3D reproduction of Michelangelo's David, housed in the Accademia Gallery in Florence, will represent Italy at the 2020 International Expo in Dubai.

Il David 3d lascia Firenze, verso Dubai

The digital twin of Michelangelo's David in Dubai is also a harbinger of the possible revival of Florence and Italian cities of art in the eyes of world public opinion. The reproduction of the David has already been defined one of the main reasons to visit the Expo.

David di Michelangelo, Accademia Gallery

The original remains and will always remain at the Accademia Gallery. Its twin, the most similar ever made thanks to sophisticated digitization and then 3D printing, will certainly be the main attraction of the Italian Pavilion during the semester of the Exposition. 

La digitalizzazione dell'opera, ph. Massimo Sestini

The project, which re-launches the beauty of Italy and its cities of art, also involves the "making of" the reproduction itself so as to offer visitors and as a legacy of Expo 2020 Dubai the representation of the many multidisciplinary skills involved.

The magnificent colossus comes out of a laboratory in Borgo degli Albizi, in the heart of Florence, where restorer Nicola Salvioli and his team have tried to shape the soul of the authentic David on the work of the first digital cast and a huge 3D printer.

Il trasporto del David in 3D

Cecilie Hollberg, director of the Accademia Gallery, admits: "No representation will have the pathos of the original, the noumenon of its creativity, but this representation will be a spiritual message for Dubai and for the world - explains Hollberg - But the original will remain here, irreplaceable, emanating beauty".

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