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Fortezza da basso
April 8, 2020

"Differences" exhibition is confirmed during MIDA 2020

The International Handicraft Exhibition moved to December and with it its most important exhibition

Fondazione CR Firenze and Associazione OMA - Osservatorio dei Mestieri d'Arte confirm their participation in the 84th edition of the International Handicrafts Exhibition, which was rescheduled from 16 to 20 December at the Fortezza da Basso in Florence. The move was made necessary to contribute to the fight against the coronavirus (Covid-19), with a great sense of responsibility and in compliance with the decree of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

Also on the new dates will be held in the Cavaniglia pavilion space the exhibition "Differences" promoted by Fondazione CR Firenze and OMA, in collaboration with Gruppo Editoriale with the setting up of Archivio Personale. A great exhibition that takes inspiration from the different forms that Italian craftsmanship acquires from place to place. A multitude of specificity and diversity, however, born from common matrices, shared traditions, knowledge and recurring raw materials. On display are masterpieces of craftsmanship inserted in a setting that plays with contrasts and differences between light, transparencies and shadows, an immersive experience that will allow you to discover the techniques and shapes of paper, ceramics, metals, glass, stone, wood and fabric.

Also confirmed are the educational activities "Apprendisti di bottega" dedicated to children and young people, promoted by Fondazione CR Firenze and organized by Spazio NOTE and OMA in collaboration with Scuola LAO - Le Arti Orafe, Museo Horne, Museo del Tessuto di Prato, Fondazione Architetti di Firenze, Museo della Carta e lmpresa Sociale Magnani di Pescia, Atelier degli Artigianelli and Studio Ceramico Giusti. Starting from Thursday 17th December and for the whole weekend in the premises adjacent to the Corte del Glicine, workshops of a practical-interactive nature will be held, supported by professional master craftsmen and conducted by expert operators. Aimed at families with children from 6 to 11 years old, the workshops will focus on the techniques of goldsmithing, wood, textiles, ceramics, paper and on the theme of drawing and building pop-ups.

Founded in 1931, the International Handicraft Exhibition of Florence, is the first exhibition-market of handicrafts in Italy. This is the manifesto of the 1948 edition

"In such a difficult moment we feel like sharing the decision to postpone this important event dedicated to craftsmanship - says Gabriele Gori, General Manager of Fondazione CR Firenze - but we also feel like renewing our full support to an event that with the last edition had been able to change its face".

"We are close to all the artisans who are experiencing a dramatic contraction of their activities - adds Luciano Barsotti, President of the OMA (Osservatorio dei Mestieri d'Arte) Association - we are sure that the appointment with MIDA will be an opportunity to start again even more convinced of the need to preserve, preserve, and enhance the beauty and richness of artistic crafts".


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