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January 28, 2019

Fashion in Florence. The birth of Italian style

From February 1 to April 15 at The Mall Firenze, an exhibition with shots of the Archivio Foto Locchi to illustrate the consecration of Made in Italy fashion

The exhibition Fashion in Florence: The Birth of Italian Style, from February 1 to April 15 in the exclusive spaces of The Mall Firenze, tells through the precious shots of the Archivio Foto Locchi the Florence’s special story of its beautiful landscape, unique artistic and cultural history, and highest craftsmanship tradition through creativity and savoir-faire.

The period is that of the second post-war period. Giovanni Battista Giorgini first gathered journalists and international buyers to Florence in 1951 to introduce Italian fashion and creativity with a fashion show, conquering the parterre with experiences that only the magic of Florence can grant. The success was consecrated in 1952 with Florence’s Sala Bianca and the birth of Italian fashion became official. Even today, that creativity and savoir-faire born in Florence are still driving forces of world fashion.

If Giovanni Battista Giorgini, therefore a father to all effects of Made in Italy, is the director of this incredible story, there are many actors: from the great stylists, Florentines - Gucci’s first trunks and travelling bags were known as “Travelling Good Florence,” Salvatore Ferragamo was named the “Magic Shoemaker,” and Emilio Pucci was described as the “Marchese of Colors” - but not only - Emilio Schuberth, the Dandy par excellence, has been the star of these glittering fashion kermis, but also the Sorelle Fontana, already known and appreciated at the time also in Paris - the stars of the show, such as the enchanting Audrey Hepburn, the eternal Maria Callas and the shy but beautiful Greta Garbo, up to the nobles, such as the Duke and Duchess Windsor, who often they passed from Florence to buy not just clothes and accessories, but real masterpieces of craftsmanship and elegance.

Events of an amazing modernity, striking though extremely refined, followed one another, appointments such as the Premier at the Teatro Comunale became glamorous occasions, during which wear the most sought after clothes and discover the trends that would then fascinate the whole world.
In short Florence, as in the days of the Grand Tour, returns to be a destination for those who love beauty and fashion stage that from year to year evolves under the eyes of the Florentines and tourists.

Curated by Erika Ghilardi of Archivio Foto Locchi and Matteo Parigi Bini of Gruppo Editoriale, the exhibition presents 25 images that, in a non-chronological order, tell the magic, beauty and contamination that invaded Florence in the early 50s and made it the Capital of Made in Italy style.  

Each photo, in perfect style Foto Locchi, crystallizes moments of real life, and represents a piece that goes to make up the plot of the birth of Italian fashion.

The exhibition is widespread in the spaces of The Mall Florence, which since 2001 brings together the great Made in Italy brands and the most important international fashion houses, a reality always dedicated to crafts and the culture of beauty.

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