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carnevale di firenze 2020

ph. Niccolò Rastrelli

February 25, 2020

Florence Carnival 2020

More than 15,000 people in the old town to participate in the first edition of the Carnival back in town after more than a century

Back in the city after more than a century, the Carnival of Florence was welcomed by more than 15,000 people who attended the parade and the big square party.

On Saturday 22 February, adults and children gathered in Piazza Santa Maria Novella from where an extraordinary parade started the party which was attended by some of the most important Carnivals in Italy.

the representatives of the venice carnival

On board of the carriage of a typical Florentine smuggler Stenterello - carnival mask of Florence born at the end of the eighteenth century - together with Burlamacco and Ondina - official masks of the Carnival of Viareggio - captained the parade, which saw the parade of some of the incredible masks that animate the famous floats of the Carnival of Viareggio, 20 participants of the Carnival of Venice in the guise of the Doge escorted by his court, and costumes of the Carnivals of St. Mary. Giovanni in Persiceto, Gambettola and the nearby Santa Croce sull'Arno.

"Robotika, artificial intelligence" by Luigi Bonetti from Viareggio Carnival

The colourful Oba Oba dancers paraded through the streets of the city centre, bringing to Florence the atmosphere of Rio de Janeiro to the rhythms of Bandao

the Oba Oba dancers

but also La Sganghenga, the Sesto Fiorentino band with its majorettes, artists from Huma Show Entertainment, Piccolo Nuovo Teatro with its waders and Lex Serafin, the tallest wader in Europe.

waders along the streets of the historic centre

The great travelling show arrived in Piazza della Signoria, performed in the crowd, and from the top of the arengario of Palazzo Vecchio a Grand Jury proclaimed the most beautiful and original masks, which won the VIP entrance to the Viareggio Carnival: a little Frida Kahlo, a mask dedicated to the dome of the Cathedral - which just this year turns 600 years old - a Lego themed mask and a little fish Nemo just 11 months old.

the arrival of the parade in Piazza della Signoria

In the square the performances continued until 7 pm, together with make-up activities, music by DJ Remo Giugni and animation by Radio Toscana.

"Idol" by Umberto, Stefano and Michele Cinquini, from Viareggio Carnival

An event strongly supported by Comune di Firenze, under the patronage of Regione Toscana, Presidenza del Consiglio Regionale, Città Metropolitana, Confcommercio, with the support of Camera di Commercio Firenze and organized by Aiwa Onlus - Arab Italian Women Association in collaboration with Gruppo Editoriale and Once Extraordinary Events. Parade directed by Federica Rotondo from Once Extraordinary Event.

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