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Teresa Favi

August 2, 2017

Food Festivals in August

The best food and wine events in Tuscany under the sun

Summer in Tuscany is not just about sun and sea, but also great feasts outdoors, enjoying the most typical dishes of tradition at a great value thanks to the full calendar of festivals in July and August flock to the villages of the region.

1. Sagra del Cinghiale e del Tortello in Montepescali
From Friday 2 to Thursday, August 15, is held in Montepescali fraction of Grosseto, the renowned Festival of the Boar and Tortelli, which arrives at the 37th edition this year.

2. Sagra della Torta in Canepari
Canepari, in the municipality of Fosdinovo (Massa Carrara), hosts from Friday 2 to Sunday, August 4th, the 28th edition of the Festival of Cake, a simple dish and very poor on the basis simply of chickpea flour and water.

3. Sagra del Ciaccino in Ciciano
From 2 to 4 August 27th edition of the festival which is held in Ciciano, in the municipality of Chiusdino (Siena).

4. Sagra del Pesce e del Cacciucco in Fonteblanda
From August 9 to 22 in Fonteblanda, in the municipality of Orbetello (Grosseto), the Fish Festival and Cacciucco. In the menu stand out fish specialties, among them the fish soup and fried.

5. Sagra del Panigaccio in Podenzana
Those who want to enjoy a simple dish but one that remains in the heart can not lose Panigaccio Festival, August 12 to 21 in Podenzana, in the province of Massa Cararra. The panigaccio is an unleavened bread typical of Lunigiana, in the prepared text of terracotta heated over the fire, a round muffin that is stuffed with extra virgin olive oil or pesto and filled with cheese, salami, olives and mushrooms.

6. Sagra della Ficamaschia in Porto Ercole
In Porto Ercole, overlooking the beautiful sea of the Argentario, you can enjoy a poor fish (but not in taste) that you will not find anywhere else. The Rite of Ficamaschia, August 16 to 25, is dedicated to this truly original name from the blue fish, typical of the area, cooked stew with potatoes or golden, breaded and fried.

7. Sagra del lardo in Colonnata

 Sunday 18th  August Colonnata (Massa Carrara) Lard Festival.

8. Sagra della Bistecca in Cortona
Event not to be missed in Cortona (Arezzo), from Tuesday 13 to Thursday, August 15, on the occasion of the 54th edition of the Festival of the steak.

9. Sagra del Buglione in Capalbio
From August 23 to 29 in Capalbio, fraction of Capalbio (Grosseto), Festival of Bouillon. Specialties typical of the Maremma and the Capalbio area in particular, the bouillon is a dish of marinated lamb, vegetables, wine, vinegar and spices.

10. Festa delle Cantinelle in Pitigliano
To greet the summer from August 31 to September 3 in Pitigliano, in the Maremma, the historic cellars dug into the tuff open to visitors for Mother's Cantinelle, where you can taste the local wine and typical products of the territory, in the unique the medieval village, with music and street performances live.


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