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Four Seasons Hotel Firenze
December 15, 2020

Four Seasons Hotel Firenze excellence also for Christmas 2020

Our interview with Massimiliano Musto, General Manager of the hotel, a pillar of Florentine hospitality in 2020/2021 as well

Highlight of one of world’s most prestigious luxury hotel companies, but also of the city, the Four Seasons Hotel Firenze faced the coronavirus emergency by continuing to welcome its guests in complete safety, paying homage to the city it represents. We interviewed Massimiliano Musto, General Manager of the Hotel, to let him tell us how the months went, the signs for the tourism sector, the proposals for Christmas and New Year and the future prospects.

Massimiliano Musto, general manager of the hotel since summer 2019, has been with the Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts company since 1998

You were one of the first hotels to reopen after the lockdown, you haven't closed since June and you are currently one of the very few hotels open right now. What prompted you to make this choice?

Our goal has always been to continue to offer our guests exceptional service and a unique experience. We made the choice to reopen in June because our customers and supporters had been asking us to do so for some time, and we were in a position to guarantee safe stay experiences, thanks to the "Lead with Care" protocols we implemented by training our entire staff. In recent months, then, we decided to continue to stay open in order to provide a service to those guests who chose us. We hope to be able to reopen our restaurants soon and to be able to start working at full capacity again, in everyone's safety. 

What kind of clientele have you had in recent months?

During the summer - and also afterwards - we've certainly seen an increase in the number of Italians who have chosen us compared to the past, driven by the need to choose Italy more for their vacations, also creating specific packages with dinner or breakfast included. We also had a few Europeans, couples or families, who decided this summer to spend their vacations in our country, as well as people traveling for work. Travel and border restrictions have obviously limited travel, but the clientele has been diverse.

Four Seasons Hotel Firenze's lobby

Today that we are in a second tight spot for travel, what services does the Four Seasons Hotel Firenze offer?

We are open and operational. We welcome our guests, and they can use all of the hotel's services, including of course the restaurant, spa, gym and garden. We have specific packages for those who want to spend the night with us, treating themselves to a dinner at the restaurant, even during the holiday season. Since Tuscany is always in the orange zone, (Interview was conducted on December 15, 2020, but restaurants are open on these yellow zone days) unfortunately despite the many requests from our guests we cannot open the restaurants outside, but we have successfully started to offer a take away and home delivery service of our Brunch and Atrium Bar menu every day for lunch and dinner. Also for Christmas, Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve, and January 1, we are offering menus selected by Chef Vito Mollica for take-out, and we hope for the weeks of the holidays to be able to serve our customers in attendance for lunch. In addition, for those who would like to give a Christmas gift, daily vouchers can be purchased for lunches, dinners, spa treatments, or our Panettone della Gherardesca, made in collaboration with master baker David Bedu.

A view of Brunelleschi's dome from the beautiful Giardino della Gherardesca

Looking beyond the moment, what do you anticipate for spring? And what kind of feedback do you have regarding foreign guests?

Hopefully, 2021 will bring an effective vaccine or cure, and with them the ability to travel again. Many of our loyal guests look forward to being able to come back to us when possible. We are aware that even next year will not guarantee the occupancy of 2019 or previous years, and that it will still be an adjustment year, but with the arrival of warm weather and advances in research, we are confident that we will have a good summer, with the situation hopefully returning to normal in 2022. We sense a great desire to travel and hope that it will then translate into reality.

Staycation. Any proposals for the festive period?

As I was saying, we offer several packages that allow you to stay with us while enjoying lunch or dinner, or that offer a credit to use in our restaurant against a night or more of stay. Also this year we will have our wonderful Christmas decorations and we would be happy to host our guests making them immerse in the unbeatable atmosphere of the holidays on our property.

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