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October 12, 2018

Giornate Fai 2018: the places to visit in Florence in Tuscany

29 pearls little known but rich in beauty, open 13 and 14 October

The Giornate Fai are back. Even in Florence and Tuscany are unveiled places of art, culture and industrial production, normally not visited or too little known.

The days are: Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 October. All over Italy there are 660 destinations, 29 in our region, 2 in the lily city. Admission is on offer, with a minimum contribution of 3 euros. Fil rouge this year, the water and the development of historical production sites.


Sunday from 10 to 17 opens the doors of the historic headquarters of Mercy, now a museum, overlooking Piazza del Duomo. Paintings, works and videos narrate the long relationship between the city and the brothers of Mercy.

Also on Sunday, and always 10 to 17, you can also visit the Anconella water treatment plant (reservations via e-mail) to discover the history of the Florentine aqueduct that began in the late nineteenth century, a structure that is still highly avant-garde.

A journey to discover the ancient system of canals, between mills and ex-manufactories with the route The Cavalciotto, Gorone and Gualchiera di Coiano (Saturday, departure of the tour at 14.30).

PESCIA (Pistoia)
Visits to the Paper Museum for a six-way excursus (Saturday afternoon and Sunday, only for members of Fai).

In Pistoia we enter the historic Palazzo Rossi Cassigoli (Sunday) full of frescoed rooms, Palazzo Puccini (Saturday for Fai members, Sunday for everyone), Palazzo Brunozzi and Teatrino Gatteschi (Saturday afternoon).

Opened the National Museum of Medieval and Modern Art inside Palazzo Bruni Ciocchi (Saturday evening).

Destination the church of Santa Caterina, in the city center (Saturday afternoon and Sunday).

Both on Saturday and Sunday, the Pisan dock and the canal of the small ships are known closely, an area today at the center of the development of maritime communication, but which is based on the Medici government's Pisa

Here it is possible to get on the Maggiore light, the 52 meters high lighthouse that dominates the southern entrance of the labronico port (open Saturday from 10am to 1pm and from 3pm to 5pm, Sundays from 10am to 5pm), or enter the former Fratelli Orlando shipyards, born in the nineteenth century, where once stood the ancient hospital of San Rocco.

9 open places in the beautiful medieval city, all along the streets of the center: from the tabernacle of Costa dell'Incrociata to the wooden statue of Santa Caterina.


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