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Badiani 1932 NottingHill ph Denise Esposito
September 15, 2022

The historic Badiani ice-cream parlour turns 90

The well-known ice cream parlour represents the artisan culture of ice cream at its best and now has 12 outlets

One of Italy's most famous and award-winning ice creams turns 90: thanks to Buontalenti, its signature flavour, the well-known Florentine ice cream parlour represents the artisanal culture of ice cream at its best and is a true landmark in the city for high-quality artisanal ice cream, just as it used to be.


The Badiani ice-cream parlour was founded in 1932 in Florence by Idilio Badiani and was taken over in 1993 by ice-cream maker Orazio Pomposi, who, together with his two sons Paolo and Patrizio, led the brand to reach new heights through innovation and creativity applied to great know-how. In 2016, the brand took a big leap and embarked on a path of internationalisation. Few know that Badiani has set its sights high and now has 12 shops: in addition to the Florentine one in Viale dei Mille, nine in London and two in Spain, including one in Barcelona and one in Sotogrande. It is also the first artisan ice cream brand to offer 24-hour delivery throughout the UK.

Badiani 1932 ph Denise EspositoBadiani Camden Passage Badiani 1932 Notting Hill ph. Denise EspositoBadiani Covent Garden London

The ice cream is always made according to the centuries-old Italian tradition: a team of expert ice cream makers, led by Gelato Maker Paolo Pomposi, transforms carefully selected ingredients into the famous artisanal ice cream. "We are happy to celebrate this important milestone," says Paolo, "90 years of company and family history closely linked to Florence. With pride we can tell our story and on this occasion thank our city that has given us so much".

One of Badiani's principles is to maintain high quality standards that respect the tradition and history of the Florentine ice-cream parlour, starting with its most famous flavour: the Buontalenti inspired by Architect Bernardo Buontalenti, a 'creative genius' who was the first to invent ice-cream in Florence during the Renaissance. The recipe is very simple: cream, milk, sugar and eggs, nothing more, ingredients skilfully mixed by the art of Paolo Pomposi.


The flavours in each shop are the classic Badiani, including vegan ones, plus some created to pay homage to each city where the historic Florentine brand is located. For example, here are two products specifically for Barcelona: 'Sant Jordi', milk and cream-based ice cream with layers of strawberry sauce and a touch of chocolate. And 'Barcelona': white chocolate-based ice cream with turmeric and layers of raspberry sauce. This flavour is clearly inspired by the 'Senyera' (the Catalan flag), with yellow and red stripes.

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