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Giorgio Testi

text Teresa Favi

January 23, 2022

Our interview with Giorgio Testi

Anecdotes and curiosities of one of the most prominent names in the London directing scene talks about himself

Rome-born Giorgio Testi has recently shot the short film Chiusi Fuori, starring Stefano Accorsi and Colin Firth between Teatro della Pergola and London, and The Reinassance Awards at Palazzo Vecchio and Uffizi Gallery. Working with the British Pulse Films company, this 43-year-old digital technology expert is one of the leading names on the new film directing scene in London, where he has been living since 2004.  

How did you develop the idea for the short Chiusi Fuori film?

It is the result of several people coming together: Colin Firth (who was in Italy at the time), Stefano Accorsi, and also Martina Zambeletti, Rodrigo D’Erasmo and Lucia Calamaro. Waiting for Godot captured perfectly the historical moment, so we decided to build a story around an excerpt from Beckett’s work, setting it in the Pergola Theater in order to bring back to life a symbol of the sudden stop inflicted on the world of performing arts by the pandemic: the theater. 

Chiusi Fuori at Teatro della Pergola

Stefano Accorsi was on set at the Pergola, Colin Firth was not. How did you solve this problem?

We shot Colin’s parts in green screen at a studio in London by devising a system that allowed him to move as if he were on the Pergola’s stage, following Stefano’s lines. Two weeks later, we did the same in Florence so that every single position of the camera and lights were identical. 

What was it like working with Colin Firth and Stefano Accorsi?

It was my very first short film, but with such great actors it was a piece of cake. Stefano and Colin are two amazing actors, but also two people of uncommon kindness and unpretentiousness. 

Giorgio Testi e Stefano Accorsi

The same solution was adopted for The Reinassance Awards, with the participation again of Colin Firth as well as many other international stars to the backdrop of Palazzo Vecchio. How does a man projected into the future like you feel in Florence?

Working in Florence at such a time was a true blessing. The lockdown brought me closer to the tangible things, I spent a lot of time in greenness. Being able to stay often in a city so rich in art and culture is truly priceless. 

What is your favorite place in Florence?

I love the feeling I experience when I arrive at the train station, the beginning of a new adventure every time. 

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