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La toscana delle donne
November 14, 2022

La Toscana delle donne: a week of events between dialogue, talent and equality

Opening on 20 November at Teatro Verdi with photographer Oliviero Toscani and presenter Eleonora Daniele

Objective woman: how to build an equal Tuscany together and how to focus on female talent. These are the objectives of La Toscana delle donne (The Tuscany of Women), an event organised by the Region of Tuscany that aims to bet on equality between men and women as an engine of economic and social well-being.

Six days from 20 to 25 November, the International Day Against Violence Against Women, to bring together and discuss intelligences from all over the country and understand how to improve, strengthen policies, learn how to make better use of the available resources, and tell about the experience gained over the years.

Eleonora Daniele, Giulia Mazzoni, European Commissioner Helena Dalli, Alba Donati, Maria Elena Viola, Maurizio Belpietro, and Maria Sole Ferrieri Caputi are some of the guests at the five-day event, which will address issues ranging from policies to institutions, from work to Europe, with ample space devoted to the regional community programmes Por Fse, Por Creo, Psr, and Interreg. And again, from the ecological transition to health, passing through cinema, sport and literature.

"Tuscany has been characterised as the region of civil rights since the abolition of the death penalty in 1786," said President Eugenio Giani. "I would therefore like to strengthen this concept by giving a new and strong face to Tuscany, a region of women that honours the role of women in society. "The poster of La Toscana delle donne shows the many faces of the women who have self-nominated, 620 Tuscans of all ages, to participate in the contest in which the face of the Tuscan woman who best expresses the traits and values that will have been judged most representative of our region will be unveiled on the 20th," said Cristina Manetti, chief of staff to President Eugenio Giani.


  • La Toscana delle Donne kicks off on 20 November. At 4 p.m. the opening is scheduled at the Teatro Verdi with an event introduced by the performance of Urban Theory, Digital Dancer and the composer and pianist Giulia Mazzoni. This will be followed by a conversation between President Eugenio Giani and Oliviero Toscani, conducted by journalist Eleonora Daniele. Click HERE to register for the event.

  • On the morning of 21 November in the Sala Pegaso of Palazzo Strozzi Sacrati at 9 a.m., a morning dedicated in various "panels" to work, training and gender equality, economy and sustainability, agriculture and territorial development. On the afternoon of 21 November, again in Sala Pegaso, the 14th Report on Gender Violence in Tuscany 2021 will be presented.

  • On 22 November the central moment of the event, an entire day dedicated to women and Europe, to women in Europe. It begins at 9.30 a.m. in the Sala Pegaso with a focus on gender equality and women's empowerment. Then, the policies of the Region of Tuscany and new perspectives will be discussed.

  • Health will be discussed on 23 November in the Sala Pegaso at 9 a.m., where the projects in which the Region of Tuscany is involved for a health that makes a difference will be presented. Topics ranging from gender medicine to post-partum depression and safety at work will be addressed. Regional Health Councillor Simone Bezzini and, among others, poet Alba Donati will speak. At 5 p.m. at the Pergola Theatre there is a meeting entitled Oriana Fallaci and women in the Middle East with Maurizio Belpietro and Maria Elena Viola, editor of the weekly magazine Donna Moderna. Also on 23 November at 12 noon at the Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa (Piazza dei Cavalieri) is Colloqui internazionali in Toscana on new economies and impacts with Massimiliano Tarantino and, among others, Maria Enrica Virgillito, from the Institute of Economics of the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna in Pisa.

  • On 24 November, the spotlight will be on sport. In collaboration with the FIGC, an event in which the protagonists are women and football. At the Coverciano Technical Centre, Cristina Manetti, President Eugenio Giani's chief of staff, interviews Maria Sole Ferrieri Caputi, the first woman referee in Serie A, to whom the Pegaso of Tuscany will be awarded. This is followed by a women's 8-a-side football match.

  • On 25 November in the Sala Pegaso at 9.30 a.m. a new full day will be dedicated to the International Colloquia di Toscana on circular economy, energy, digital revolution and innovation, and culture.

The full programme of the event is available on the website www. where you can register for individual events.

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