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Lamberto Frescobaldi

text Teresa Favi

February 4, 2020

Lamberto Frescobaldi

The gentleman winemaker, talks about farming, values and passions

The headquarters is Palazzo Frescobaldi, in the Oltrarno neighborhood, in Florence. The windows open onto the bell tower and back of the Basilica of Santo Spirito, Brunelleschi’s last masterwork. “We have been living in Florence since the 1200s and our memories are intertwined with the city’s history”, Lamberto Frescobaldi says. A member of the family’s thirtieth generation, a degree in agriculture and a specialization in winegrowing, Marchese Lamberto has been at the helm of Marchesi de’ Frescobaldi since 2013. The company includes seven wine estates located in Tuscany’s most prestigious terroirs: Perano, Nipozzano, Pomino, Castiglioni, CastelGiocondo, Ammiraglia and Remole.

Marchese, what is your earliest memory of wine?

At the age of 8, during a countryside feast to celebrate the end of the harvest, one of our workmen offered me a glass of wine and I got drunk. 

You have a great history behind you, how would you describe  your heritage?

As a heritage of success, which must go on being successful. My job is to contribute to the company’s growth through top-level human resources. 

The wine that best represents you?

It depends on the circumstances and on the people with whom I share it. On holidays, I enjoy celebrating with Leonia Brut, our Classic Method sparkling wine produced in the hills of Florence at the Castello Pomino estate.

What estate embodies your  family’s history and which represents the future?

Nipozzano, no doubt, the one I’m the most fond of and the closest to Florence. The future is Ammiraglia, the estate symbolizing the deep bond between the land and man’s respect for it through innovative projects.  

Do you have any passions besides wine?

I’m crazy about motorcycle racing, in particular, off-road racing.

Your favorite place in Florence and surroundings?

Living downtown Florence is everybody’s dream. When I leave the house, I usually head to Piazza Frescobaldi and then I cross the Santa Trinita Bridge and reach Via Tornabuoni. From there on, it’s pure poetry. Whenever I can and I’m in Florence, I enjoy touring the wine estates, from Le Sieci, where the wine cellar and offices are located, to Nipozzano, including  a stop at Quartino.

What craft shop is worth a visit?

Moleria Locchi, one of Florence’s most spectacular glassworks. 


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