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 Olafur Eliasson a palazzo strozzi
September 5, 2022

The most beautiful autumn exhibitions in Florence and surroundings

From Tony Cragg at the Museo Novecento to Olafur Eliasson at palazzo Strozzi: many good reasons to visit the city overlooking the Arno

An itinerary through the museums in and around Florence to discover the exhibitions not to be missed this fall.

Until 3 October 2022 an extraordinary confrontation: in the Michelangelo Tribune Room of the Museo dell'Opera del Duomo the Pietà Bandini, whose restoration has recently been completed, and casts of the Vatican Pietà and the Pietà Rondanini.

Le tre pietà di Michelangelo ©photo Ela Bialkowska OKNO studio


At the Museo Marino Marini we find the exhibition Andature II with works by Elisabetta di Maggio and Sophie Ko, a project curated by Marcella Cangioli and Antonella Nicola, in collaboration with the Associazione Culturale Città Nascosta and the Museo Marino Marini, realised thanks to the contribution of the Fondazione CR Firenze. The concept of time and its indelible flow are also at the centre, among comparisons and similarities, of the poetics of Elisabetta di Maggio and Sophie Ko, protagonists of Andature 2022. Elisabetta di Maggio, in her works, traverses with straight and curved lines a wandering cartography among different materials: from engraved soap, as in Fez 2013, to vegetable elements, leaves, branches, "embroidered" flowers as in Vuoto d'aria #1, #2 #3 (2021). Sophie Ko, on the other hand, constructs shapeless chromatic maps using pure pigments, ashes obtained by burning images of works of art that, collected in glass cases, placed vertically, change with the passing of time as in Temporal Geographies. Acts of Resistance or Temporal Geographies. The Ashes of History 2020.

Elisabetta di Maggio VUOTO d’ARIA -02, 2020, courtesy Galleria C. Stein photo Serge Dominge

Don't miss Mr. Arbitrium, the monumental sculpture by Emanuele Giannelli, in Florence until 31 October. It can be found on the outer left side of the Basilica of San Lorenzo, while the sculptural group I Sospesi has been installed in the cloister of the Laurentian architectural complex. Mr. Arbitrium, conceived with all the muscles in tension and intent on either supporting the building or pushing it away in a decisive manner, is the sculpture that represents the ambivalent game Giannelli has intended to play in his work: the double meaning that characterises the work, between pushing or supporting. To cling to history in order to protect and enhance it, or perhaps to move away from it in order to free oneself from such a cumbersome weight? Although we will not know the outcome, we leave with the awareness of an arbitrary choice, like its name.

Mr Arbitrium photo Massimo Sestini


At the Museo dell'Opera del Duomo, in the Sala del Paradiso, until 9 January 2023, the exhibition by Aurelio Amendola. Having completed the restoration of Michelangelo's Pietà, known as the Bandini Pietà, in September 2011, kept in the Museo dell'Opera del Duomo in Florence, the Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore commissioned a photographic campaign of the sculptural group to Aurelio Amendola, a great interpreter of Michelangelo's work and a world-famous author. The fruit of this work is now presented in the Museum's Sala del Paradiso, where an exhibition is being held for the first time. On display are thirty-two black and white photographic images, printed in large format. A sequence of images that, on the one hand, touches the senses of anyone who observes his photos, and on the other, helps a critical eye to discover previously unseen details.

Pietà Bandini - Firenze 2022 ©Aurelio Amendola

A tribute 50 years after the memorable exhibition at Forte di Belvedere in 1972. The city pays homage to the English master with Family Group and Large Interior Form exhibited respectively in two of the city's symbolic locations: Piazza della Signoria and on the churchyard of the Abbey of San Miniato al Monte, in dialogue with Florence's historical and artistic heritage.

Photo: Henry Moore Archive

A large monographic exhibition presenting a selection of sculptures and works on paper in the cloister of the Museo Novecento. The project is conceived as a mediation tool aimed at presenting not only the works but also the creative process of the English master, one of the most famous exponents of contemporary sculpture.

Early Form Michael Richter

  • PASSIONE NOVECENTO (24 September to 8 January 2023)

Palazzo Medici Riccardi, dove è nato il collezionismo moderno all’epoca di Cosimo il Vecchio e di Lorenzo Il Magnifico, ospita una prestigiosa selezione di opere di maestri del XX secolo provenienti da collezioni private fiorentine e toscane, con l’intento di collegare la grande tradizione rinascimentale del collezionismo e mecenatismo alla passione per l’arte del Novecento ancora coinvolgente nella nostra epoca. La mostra ospita opere di: Giorgio de Chirico, Giorgio Morandi, Alberto Savinio, Arturo Martini, Fausto Melotti, Lucio Fontana, Alberto Burri, Paul Klee, Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Louise Burgeois, Alighiero Boetti, Daniel Buren, Damien Hirst, Cecily Brown, Ai Weiwei, Tracey Emin e altri.

Cortile Palazzo Medici Riccardi


Three exhibitions, three artists, three generations compared in a game of connections and cross-references made up of iconographic coincidences, conceptual strategies and artistic and literary passions: Filippo de Pisis, Giulio Paolini and Luca Vitone meet at the Museo Novecento in a dialogue with three voices, within a surprising and completely original exhibition project.

“Filippo de Pisis. L’illusione della superficialità” Museo Novecento Firenze


The exhibition project at the Museo Novecento was born with the intention of making accessible a selection of masterpieces exhibited for the first time in Sicily and coming from one of the most important collections dedicated to 20th century Italian art: the Alberto Della Ragione Collection, more than two hundred works donated by engineer Alberto Della Ragione to the city of Florence after the violent flood that hit the city in 1966.


The largest exhibition ever held in Italy dedicated to one of the most original and visionary contemporary artists of our time. Renowned for immersive installations that put the visitor at the centre, Olafur Eliasson at Palazzo Strozzi invites us to reflect on the idea of a shared and relational experience of reality.


The 32nd edition of the oldest market exhibition in the world is back at Palazzo Corsini and will host some 80 galleries. On display will be the best of great Italian art, from the Florentine Renaissance to the great Italian and international 20th century. But also Roman, Etruscan and medieval sculptures and artefacts alongside examples of the latest design.

palazzo corsini

  • TRANS FORMAM DI ERWIN WURM (fino a gennaio 2023)

Le opere di Erwin Wurm sono esposte negli spazi della Galleria Poggiali in un progetto dal titolo Trans Formam. Nella vicina Piazza Santa Maria Novella, in collaborazione con il Museo Novecento di Firenze e organizzata da Muse, la mostra prevede anche l'installazione, in prima mondiale assoluta, dell'opera Salsiccia Fat Bus, un reale furgone, di colore lilla acceso, predisposto per la preparazione e la reale distribuzione di hot dog, modificato ironicamente attraverso l'utilizzo del poliuretano, che lo rende abnorme.

Erwin Wurm - Salsiccia Fat Bus


The Frascione Arte Gallery and Aria Art Gallery will present Timelessness, an exhibition that will be staged in the exhibition spaces of both galleries: Gold, a spark through the centuries at Frascione Arte accompanies the visitor in discovering the different uses of gold from the 14th century to the present day. The techniques of gold leafing, stamping, engraving and gilded ceramics can be observed. While The Echo of Eternity at Aria Art Gallery allows the possibility of overcoming the rigidity imposed by art history and academic movements to rediscover the lost integrity of the work in an exhibition that combines paintings from the 17th century with works by contemporary national and international artists selected for both spaces by curator Nataša Radojević.


  • PASSIONE NOVECENTO. DA PAUL KLEE A DAMIEN HIRST (from 24 September 2022 to 8 January 2023)

The exhibition Passione Novecento. From Paul Klee to Damien Hirst, which from 24 September 2022 to 8 January 2023 will be hosted at the prestigious venue of Palazzo Medici Riccardi, where modern collecting was born at the time of Cosimo il Vecchio and Lorenzo Il Magnifico. The exhibition, curated by Sergio Risaliti and promoted by the Metropolitan City of Florence, hosts a prestigious selection of works by 20th-century masters from Florentine and Tuscan private collections. A journey through twentieth-century art built on a love for modern and contemporary art that continues, through a fil rouge, the history of the city in which artistic events and those of private collecting have been intertwined over the centuries, sowing in the territory a predisposition sensitive to the avant-garde and its most advanced experimentation. A precious opportunity to admire works by Paul Klee, Giorgio de Chirico, Giorgio Morandi, Alberto Savinio, Lucio Fontana and Alberto Burri, together with those by Andy Warhol and Roy Lichenstein, Cecily Brown and Tracey Emin. Thanks to the passion of collectors, born in particular in the 'rooms' and studios of Palazzo Medici, the autonomy of works of art was established, appreciated for themselves, cared for, contemplated and treasured.

Cortile Palazzo Medici Riccardi

Tornabuoni Arte is dedicating to Fabrizio Plessi, one of the most important Italian video art artists, an exhibition that brings together more than thirty works from projects from the 1970s to the 1990s, up to the artist's most recent video production. Plessi is considered a pioneer, one of the first experimenters of digital matter in Italy, so much so that he has been defined as "the aborigine of digital". He is an artist who has been able to combine nature and artifice, art and technology, giving life to poetic creations of great evocative impact, where the primordial elements such as water, fire, lightning, and earth constantly recur in an unstoppable flow of images. In addition, from Wednesday 21 September 2022, those walking in Florence, along the very central Via Tornabuoni, will unexpectedly find themselves admiring an unprecedented video installation by Fabrizio Plessi that will animate the façade of Palazzo Bartolini Salimbeni, home of the Roberto Casamonti Collection.

Plessi Acqua

  • ENIGMA OF THE SOUL (dall'1 al 15 ottobre)

Tobian Art Gallery is the new space dedicated to the visual arts opened in Florence on Via Maggio by Italian photographer and sociologist Giacomo Pirozzi, of which he is also the director. From 1 to 15 October the personal exhibition Enigma of the Soul by GREATJOY NDLOVU, a young Zimbabwean artist currently living in Johannesburg, South Africa. The exhibition Enigma of the Soul constitutes a series of deeply exploratory works that seek to decipher the 'clothed truths' that lie consciously hidden within each human soul - truths kept only for themselves, far from the judgement of the outside world.

Enigma of the Soul

The two major exhibitions involving Villa Bardini and Forte di Belvedere continue until 2 October. The first, FOTOGRAFE!, juxtaposes original works from the Alinari Archives with contemporary photographs, creating a synchronous narrative of the history of photography, from its origins to the present day. The second, Play It Again, is instead the personal exhibition of visual artist and film maker Rä di Martino.

FOTOGRAFE! a Villa Bardini e Forte di Belvedere

  • ESCHER (from 20 October to 26 March 2023)

This autumn, Florence is hosting over 200 works by Escher in the record-breaking exhibition entitled Escher, ready to light up the spaces of the historic Museo degli Innocenti. The anthological exhibition narrates the genius of the Dutch artist who, in 1922, visited Italy for the first time, exploring it from north to south and representing it in many of his works.


  • I MACCHIAIOLI (from 8 October until 26 February 2023)

The exhibition at Palazzo Blu in Pisa traces the exciting evolution and at the same time revolution of the Macchiaioli, who created one of the most original avant-gardes in Europe in the second half of the 19th century. It is in fact a retrospective of over 130 works, mostly masterpieces from private collections, usually inaccessible, and from important museum institutions.

Giovanni Fattori In vedetta

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