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 An Oltrarno view from Arno river - ph Dario Garofalo
July 13, 2020

Oltrarno. Never been so trendy

Bar, restaurants and places of suggestion where to spend your cool summer in Florence

We know well the Oltrarno, the genuine heart of an authentic Florence, whose arteries are called districts. The most popular part of old Florence, where alongside works of art of immense artistic value lives the most excellent Florentine authenticity, made of workshops, craftsmanship and tradition.

But Oltrarno means much more: here are perfectly set of the living realities of food, good drinking and relaxation that make this part of Florence the ideal destination for those who want to enjoy a cool and not touristically obvious Florentine summer.
Let's start with our overview of places of the heart, from aperitif to after dinner.

Immersed in the boho-chic atmosphere that characterizes Piazza Santo Spirito, this place, open from morning to night, taken over by an old craftsman's workshop, dispenses all the energy of the place of which it is a child.
Pop Cafe
Small place located in the artistic Santo Spirito, has a young clientele and good music. One of the nerve centres of the area, lively and very popular.
Descendant of the Holy Drinker, one of the landmarks of life beyond, Il Santino is found in the Holy Spirit. It's open from 10:00 to 11:00.
Corner Bar
It's a small bar in Porta Roomana which has become a great must to experience the places of the real fioretini in Oltrarno.
Artisan company Oltrarno
In a place with a fifties mood, cosmopolitan atmosphere and 100% Tuscan spirit from 8 am to midnight, the ideal location for breakfast, lunch, dinner and aperitif (

Hostaria da Fulvio
the eclectic "Hostaria Da Fulvio" has walls frescoed by the Florentine painter Giambaccio and a special atmosphere that makes you feel immediately at home. Try the specialty of the house: 1kg of mussels in three versions, served directly in a pot and accompanied by abundant fries. in a second you will feel at home in a Parisian bistro!

Atelier de Nerli
A quality tavern, which combines the gastronomic experience, of clear Tuscan roots, with the love for handmade products and the esprit of today's artists - painters, photographers and sculptors - whose works are hosted and for sale in the restaurant.
It presents itself as a "meeting place with cuisine" and that's just how it is: simple conviviality and excellent raw materials for this young bistrot restaurant that has also revived the tradition of wine holes, reopening one.

We're in San Frediano for a pizza must! Undisputed queen she arrives, already cut into 8 slices, seasoned one by one, in order to stimulate the typical sharing of this dish: a must.

In the heart of Florence's largest private garden, a new project will be born this summer: the Greenhouse Effect. The Torrigiani Garden opens its doors from 4.30 pm onwards, every day (on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am) to welcome the Florentines. Live music, readings, aperitifs and a selection of dishes for dinner.

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