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Pinocchio, ph. Filippo Manzini

text Saliana Fetahu

December 6, 2021

Pinocchio at Pergola Theatre

From 7 to 12 December 2021 the opera by Carlo Collodi directed by Pier Paolo Pacini in Sala Grande

For those who stop at the first reading, the fairy tale has all the typical features of an happy ending, but whoever investigates deeper does not escape to a different reality, one that Pier Paolo Pacini in his Pinocchio by Carlo Lorenzini, on stage at the Teatro della Pergola from Tuesday 7 to Sunday, December 12 (Tuesday - Saturday, 20.45 hours; Thursday, 18. 45; Sunday 15.45) with the young actors of the Course 'Orazio Costa' of the Fondazione Teatro della Toscana, shows between wonder and nightmare: the story of Pinocchio is not happy, because he is betrayed by those who push him to change, betrayed to the extreme consequences, because the puppet Pinocchio at the end of the story there is no more. His is not a transformation, Pinocchio does not become a child, but the birth of the child foresees the disappearance, the end, the death of the puppet.

Pinocchio, ph. Filippo Manzini

This is a Pinocchio that confronts the apparent meaning of free and turns it upside down: from an uplifting story for children to a dark fairy tale for adults.

Pinocchio, ph. Filippo Manzini

The story that Pacini tells thus eludes an "accommodating" ending, insisting with great force of synthesis on a rich array of styles and alienating "manners". 

Pinocchio, ph. Filippo Manzini

The greatness of this text lies in its ability to make us reflect on a theme that is not only that of childhood, but that concerns human beings in general: we all fight like puppets for our place in the world.

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