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April 18, 2016

Reopening La Bottega di Parigi

An unmissable gourmet address on the hills of Florence

In a scene from the past, hidden at the edge of town in the green hills of Careggi, has re-opened La Bottega di Parigi, a restaurant where you can enjoy delicious dishes in complete relaxation.

The simple but innovative concept is that at the restaurant you do not go to eat, you go to feel good and nourish not only the body but also the soul.

In the framework must not miss anything: highly selected and carefully prepared food, fine wines carefully chosen, music, lighting and discretion. But the protagonist is only one: the customer!

Caring for the food instead of oil, extra virgin absolutely. The dishes are prepared with only raw materials from niche producers who love and respect the land and its fruits, like the meat of small Piedmontese breeders and Upstream Salmon, the Faroe Islands.

Try the pigeon boned and stuffed with chicken liver and orange, the ravioli of snails and asparagus and red tuna tartare Balfegò with stracciatela, egg and black truffle.

For pasta, bread and desserts are used organic flour and the wine cellar, with more than 300 Italian and foreign labels, collects bottles of real wine artisans.

It starts in fact with a selection of champagne, which includes small niche but also names like Bruno Paillard, and even the Grand Crù 98 Egly Ouriet. Whites from all over Italy, with labels such as Gravner 2002 Gaia Rosj Bass in 2004, and many more, then move on to a vertical of German Riesling, wines of Burgundy, Loire, Alsace or Austria. The Reds, even more numerous and attractive, popular and sought after by those who love wine and not content label, mainly from Tuscany, followed by Piedmont, from Burgundy, from Trentino, from Sicily and elsewhere. Among these, old vintages of Brunello Riserva, Barbary, Barolo but also news of great depth like the cabernet franc Eugenio Rosi or Bolgheri I Luoghi. Finally a great choice of dessert wines, Icewines, and meditation.


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