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May 16, 2022

Rivoire, from 150 the art of chocolate in Florence

A chocolate-flavoured story that fascinates Piazza della Signoria

When one says Rivoire, one immediately thinks of the most exquisite chocolate. In fact, Rivoire has been Florence's leading chocolate maker since 1872 and, with its historic café in Piazza della Signoria, it is still a reference point for chocolate lovers and all food lovers.

Caffe Rivoire


Rivoire is a chocolate and coffee factory founded in 1872 by Enrico Rivoire, Master Chocolatier of the Royal House of Savoy, who chose to share his noble art and delicious creations with the Florentine society. Born in Turin, where he developed his chocolate art, Rivoire became the official chocolate supplier to the royal family of Turin. Following the Savoy court to the new Italian capital, Florence, Rivoire decided in 1872 to open a café in one of the city's most charming locations to satisfy the typical Piedmontese pastime of socialising in elegant cafés.


Originally conceived as the Chocolate Steam Factory, the chocolate delights served while enjoying the view of Piazza della Signoria were impeccably crafted according to Rivoire's secret recipe and soon became popular among the city's elite. Rivoire's reputation grew among the many international travellers to the Renaissance capital, which led to its name recognition and worldwide notoriety, an early version of brand awareness among wealthy travellers in the 19th century.

With its outdoor tables overlooking the Palazzo Vecchio, Rivoire became a cultural meeting place for Florentine society in the early 20th century, where intellectual discussions took place over excellent coffee and delicious chocolates. In addition, exclusive cocktails were created and served, including the Negroni di Firenze, often sipped by Count Negroni himself, one of Rivoire's illustrious customers.

Caffè rivoire


At Rivoire, one breathes in the elegant atmosphere of its legendary history. Today, as then, its famous chocolate specialities and other delicacies are skilfully prepared according to original recipes by master pastry chefs and chocolatiers working in the restaurant's in-house workshops, using tools and techniques handed down from Rivoire's early days.

A restaurant has been added to this, with a refined menu and an admirable wine list. Recently, it was purchased by Carmine Rotondaro, an Italian fashion entrepreneur, art collector and history enthusiast. With the utmost care, but above all sensitivity and respect, to ensure that Rivoire's excellence and innovation, together with its noble past, fascinate new generations, creating the perfect alchemy between tradition and modernity.

Caffè rivoire

But Rivoire has absolutely no intention of stopping, and 150 years after its birth intends to evolve into a brand that transcends the original historic café, establishing itself as a symbol of uniqueness, prestige, good taste, luxury, seduction and creativity made in Italy. And to expand the locations beyond the renowned Piazza della Signoria location to include other world-class destinations.


The cuisine is renewed and offers the true essence, the Italian flair, the delicacy of flavours and the character of the Mediterranean culture. Moving away from a touristic approach, Rivoire wants to reclaim its glorious past and return to being a landmark for its city. At the cooker and in front of customers, we find Luigi Incrocci, who immediately took up the not easy challenge of serving quality in one of the most visited squares in the world. "My aim is to amaze with simplicity, as a good Tuscan I love true authenticity, that which corresponds to quality, respect for food, and seasonality", explained Luigi.

Caffè rivoire

The historic Rivoire café is mainly known for its daytime face, with a classy café and chocolate shop. But it is in the evening that Bartender Elisa Randi is at her best. From the timeless Negroni Experience to new arrivals, Elisa proposes cocktail lists that are always up to date with the latest trends, with results that are always balanced.

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