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November 13, 2020

Running in the heart of Florence with an exclusive personal trainer

Maria Francesca Masia tells us the most beautiful itineraries to enjoy the city and stay in shape!

In this Covid era that does not allow us to frequent gyms, swimming pools and most sports centres, we interviewed one of the most famous and qualified personal trainers in Florence, Maria Francesca Masia, who has specialised in the world of National and International Fitness for 20 years.

In her classes, private or in groups, Maria Francesca teaches an idea of fitness that means well-being: physical and mental.

And when she talks about her city she tells us "Florence, for sports activities, is really the "Top of the Range" she continues "because there is a profound interaction and continuity between man, art and nature that is truly beneficial: all this at your fingertips...inside and outside the walls".

"My favourite itineraries where I run and teach to run in the heart of Florence? I have two: the first one starts in Piazza della Calza and, passing through the Giardino Dell'Istituto D'Arte, takes you to the foot of Piazzale Galileo (above Poggio Imperiale) where (if you still have breath) you could get to Piazzale Michelangelo and then....è downhill!".

"The second route is really a great classic of mine: the Ring of the Lungarni. They are well-groomed, shaded and running near the "Water" element has a powerful effect on the hormonal waterfall linked to physical activity. In this second route, you choose how wide you want to make the ring by turning at the bridge you prefer".

"I always recommend leaving in the morning, before the city wakes up completely.
Always start with a Walk - heartbeat (Bpm) at rest + about 20%. Which becomes a Power walk/Jogging/Run depending on what kind of training you do. Bpm 135/145-150 max" and more tips "Hydrate! Drink before after and during if you're a big sweater or it's a hot day. Stretch your quadriceps, femoral biceps, shoulders and neck at the end of the workout".
We conclude with a small gift, a basic training card to do comfortably at home:

Set 15 minutes, 3 times a week, with the right soundtrack and do these 4 exercises, one minute each:
1) Jump/run around on the spot/knee high 
2) Squat with a chair or a low sofa behind you, sit down and pull yourself up by pushing from the buttocks
3) Plank from supine only hands and feet resting, body raised and parallel to the floor 
4) Stretch from supine with b


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