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Stefania Rocca

text Teresa Favi

July 16, 2021

Stefania Rocca at the Serre Torrigiani on 20 July

One of the most beautiful places in Florence hosts an evening of readings and music on the theme of Love, Tuesday from 7.30 pm

On Tuesday 20 July, at 7.30 p.m., the Serre Torrigiani will host an evening dedicated to theatre with a programme of readings and music on the theme of Love with actors Stefania Rocca, Jacob Olesen, Marco Gambino and Véronique Nahi with the musical accompaniment of double bass player Eugenia Barone. From Plato and Lou Andreas-Salomé; poems by Federico García Lorca, Emily Dickinson and Rilke, and letters written by Napoléon Bonaparte to Joséphine Beauharnais, by Vita Sackville-West to Virginia Wolf, by Mark Twain to Livy, his future wife. This is the exciting one-hour reading programme for the evening.
A special occasion, light and fluid, to return to enjoy one of the city's most beautiful spaces. The Serre Torrigiani (Via di Guasciana, 21) in fact hosts, in a green garden in the Oltrarno, a refined bistro open to the public where you can breathe a unique atmosphere, mixed with informality and elegance. They are part of the largest private garden in Europe, the Giardino Torrigiani (which can be visited, together with the Vivaio, by appointment only), which extends over 7 hectares in the extreme southern part of the district, and was already famous in the 16th century as the Botanical Garden.
Admission to Tuesday's event is free with a free donation for the Busajo Onlus, the charity dedicated to projects for the education and training of children in Ethiopia. To enter, you only need to book at in compliance with all the security measures required by the particular moment.
The realisation of this event has been made possible thanks to the support of Lola Ruiz Moya-Art Specialist; Giunti Editore; Serre Torrgiani, as well as people and institutions such as Silvia Orsi Bertolini and La Jamais Contente, Serra Yilmaz, Manon Hansemann and Francesca Rezzori of the Intitut Français in Florence, Benedetta Ridi, Luigi Ricceri, Flavio Gianassi, Donatella de Peverelli.

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