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Atlantis three tier chandelier by Terzani


April 5, 2023

Terzani, the story of an ongoing play of light and shadow

Here are the collections of the historic brand that combines the best of traditional craftsmanship and modern design

Light sculptures that transform the surrounding space through an ongoing play of light and shadow, thus creating a new visual language. This is the PreciousDesign  concept which all the products of Terzani’s new lighting collection have in common. A collection that goes beyond the boundaries of traditional luxury and combines extraordinarily modern design, state-of-the-art technology, craftsmanship and precious materials.

To learn more about this and all the other Terzani collections, it is possible to visit the new showroom in Scandicci. A space that offers visitors the chance to explore the collections in an environment similar to an art gallery in a perfect blend of art, luxury and design. The showroom provides inspiration to those searching for elegant and sculptural-style lighting solutions for sophisticated contemporary spaces, and offers the chance to speak with experienced consultants about personalizing lights to adapt them to a specific space or an interior design project.

The new 300-square-meter showroom was designed by Nicolas Terzani, with the collaboration of architect Lisa Donatini of the Terzani Team, to create an engaging experience that highlights the handmade products and the fascinating light that they shed. The showroom’s key features are the dark walls, floors and ceilings on which the Terzani products cast a play of lights and shadows. A place where people can experience first-hand the quality of the “Made in Italy” and the care for the details of these unique objects.

Showroom Terzani

Since 1972, Terzani’s concept has been exactly this: rethinking the way luxury lighting is conceived and made. The goal is to best combine Italian artisan tradition and the most modern technology. As a result, object/sculptures with a strong personality, made by using age-old glass and metal processing methods, with a nearly maniacal care for details.

Established in Florence, the cradle of Renaissance, the company is inevitably influenced by the city’s beauty. The feeling one has by looking at a Terzani product enveloped in the light effects that propagate all around is of enchantment. The brand has always envisioned aesthetics as the representation of artistic and contemporary beauty.

Argent 6 linear multi light pendant by Terzani

When Sergio Terzani  began creating the new collections, he collaborated with the famous Parisian designerJean-Francois Crochet. By using traditional materials such as iron, wood and glass, reinterpreted by Crochet, Terzani created original and modern lamps.

With his children stepping up to the management role, firstly Cosimo and then Nicolas, the PreciousDesign collection, which expresses the company’s interest in innovation, was added: contemporary-style products elevating lighting design to a veritable form of art. The company has continued to experiment with new processing methods and developed new ideas, with the Terzani team guided by Nicolas Terzani, by collaborating with several names of  contemporary design, such as Dodo Arlsan, Nigel Coates, Maurizio Galante, Christian Lava, Studio 14, Draw, Simone Micheli and many others.

Stanley floor lamp by Terzani

The Terzani creations, inspired by the ongoing communication between the company and the designers, are always based on a sensation that then translates into an idea. It can be either a form found in nature, such as the fish which inspired I Lucci Argentati, or stones/drops of water which inspired Mizu, or it can be a material or a processing method. A project and all its variants is developed by the company along with the designers’ team with which it collaborates, but the senses are always the basis for the creation of a Terzani lamp.

Mizu light pendant by Terzani

The feeling that one gets when visiting the company is of great harmony and understanding, as if the quality of the products were rooted in the human qualities of those of who create with their own hands, piece by piece, objects oozing with the love of traditional craftsmanship. This is the Terzani essence.

Terzani srl e Showroom
Via di Castelpulci int. 9 (Scandicci, Firenze)
ph +39 055 722021


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