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text: Claudio Cannistrà

March 15, 2020

The astral reasons for the coronavirus. Second part

A look to the future

The Coronavirus epidemic began to spread worldwide after the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto on January 12, 2020 at 22° 45' of the sign of Capricorn and the concentration of almost all the planets in a restricted area of the sky (see Fig. 1).
This planetary concentration has somehow left the Earth unprotected, lowering our defences and favouring the spread of the pandemic. Let's not forget that, according to medical astrology, the sign of Capricorn is related to the bone marrow and therefore linked to the production of blood cell precursors, which are part of our immune system, such as lymphocytes; a symbology that corresponds to the function of "defense" and "protection", proper to the zodiacal sign ruled by Saturn.

Fig. 1. The Saturn/Pluto conjunction of 12 January 2020

However, the planets are moving, so we must not think that the situations they indicate to us are static and immutable. With the passing of the months Mars, Mercury, Venus, etc. will move away (and already partly are moving away) from the area of the sky, between Capricorn and Aquarius, and the Cyclic Index will slowly start to rise again, attenuating the health problems now highlighted. It will take time, because the three slow planets Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto take time to move, as well as making backward and forward movements along the zodiac. For this reason, these planets will remain in this area of the sky for some time and it will be enough to change some of our habits. We will have an attenuation of the phenomenon with the advance of spring and the arrival of summer, for the movement of the fast planets.
However, as a result of the phenomenon of planetary retrogradation, in autumn the three slow planets will again find themselves very close, always along the last degrees of the sign of Capricorn; therefore, the pandemic could reoccur, although in the meantime humanity should have found adequate solutions to deal with it. Finally, Jupiter and Saturn will definitively leave the sign of Capricorn to enter Aquarius, at the end of December and with the beginning of 2021, a move that should give a decisive turn to the situation.

Uranus in Taurus: the economy and the future
In addition, there is another important celestial event. With the passing of the months, the action of another planet, Uranus, will begin to be felt, in a more incisive way, and for all this 2020 it will stand between 5° - 10° of the sign of Taurus, that is, far from the sign of Capricorn, at a distance of 120° degrees, which is considered balanced. Uranus is a planet with symbols of freedom and change, both in habits and social customs. Its energies upset what is predictable and traditional (in this case the sign of Taurus, or our customs), but they can also open up new opportunities and prospects for life, as has always happened in history in every moment of "crisis", which has always been followed by a rebirth. It is enough that man is able to accept the changes proposed and know how to treasure them!
These Uranian energies, which upset the "predictable", while crossing the tranquil sign of Taurus, added to the "constraints" to which the planets force us in Capricorn, send a precise message. They speak about the "fragility" of the balances of our planet, about the need for both economic and social changes, about the futility of an excessive attachment to futile material goods, which can suddenly lose their value. The taurine symbologies identify, then, the financial and economic systems, the banks, the monetary resources, the prices of raw materials. The unpredictable Uranian energies, involving the sign of Taurus, which has characteristics of stability, explain why financial fluctuations, the collapse of stock exchanges, monetary variations and the swing of some raw materials, such as oil.
The aspects in Heaven should, above all, make the powerful of the earth, those who hold the destinies of our world, to cooperate united towards new life, social and, at the same time, universal objectives. These objectives cannot only be linked to the personal prestige of a single state, always in competition with its neighbor, but must be focused on safeguarding the common good, the inhabitants, nature and resources of our planet Earth. There is a need for cooperation among nations, which, without isolating themselves in a capricornine manner, should, at all costs, concentrate their efforts towards a real improvement of the human condition and not pursue only mere commercial objectives, which can easily be frustrated by the next planetary event. This is the message that both Uranus in Taurus and Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn send us from the starry sky!

Claudio Cannistrà, an astrologer interested in the historical-cultural aspects of this discipline, is specialized in Astrocartography, a field that studies the energies of places. He is Councillor of the Bozzano-DeBoni Foundation/Library in Bologna and of SEA (Sociedad Española de Astrología). He is part of the "Bottega dell'Astrologo", an association of Prato, which aims to interpret the celestial symbols present in our reality and organizes courses and cultural activities. He is also Director of the Spanish magazine Spica.
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