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The best doves of Tuscany

Sofia Doni

March 25, 2021

The best doves of Tuscany

For an Easter rich in taste. Here are the best handmade Tuscan doves

Whether classic or made with an innovative recipe, the dove is certainly one of the symbols par excellence of the Easter holidays. For this reason it is fundamental to buy a good one (with a capital "G"!), handcrafted and made with excellent products. To this end, today we have selected for you the best Tuscan pastry shops that produce the most delicious doves... are you ready to make your Easter unforgettable?

The refined dove of Nuovo Mondo pastry shop

Pastry shop Caffè Nuovo Mondo
Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 23 (Prato)
0574 27765

In order to satisfy the most demanding gourmets, Paolo Sacchetti dedicates himself every day to perfecting our country's pastries. On the occasion of the holidays, Pasticceria Nuovo Mondo has produced delicious handcrafted doves, respectful of tradition. Made with a few simple ingredients, their unmistakable flavor is given by the care that the Master places in the sourdough. In fact, they are refreshed 5 times a day, a much higher number than other bakeries. Moreover, Gianduiose are made, that is chocolate "doves" (for the Maestro this last term is wrong, because the only dove is the classic one). These are made of a chocolate dough with some gianduia cubes inside and covered by a gianduia glaze. A great success were the limited edition doves (only 200 were prepared) made with Sacchetti's peaches. This is a charity project realized in collaboration with the Pitigliani Foundation. Another important event, organized by Paolo Sacchetti himself and curated by the Accademia Maestri del lievito Madre, is the seminar on colomba on March 15th. With the participation of important personalities, the seminar dealt with The Easter Dove between Tradition and Innovation. To conclude, the real symbol of this pastry shop is the Pesca di Prato (a typical sweet of the area). A sweet with a crunchy chew on the surface, which moves flavors in the palate: it is made of two balls made of brioche dough in a bath of Alchermes and filled with custard.

The "strong" Bria Colomba of Bonci Confectionery

Bonci Confectionery
Via A. Vespucci, 101 (Arezzo)
055 981225

If you say "Pasticceria Bonci", you will certainly think of the Pan Briacone. It is a leavened product, with a soft texture, sweet in taste (due to the carefully selected raisins) and "strong" in flavor thanks to its liqueur soul. This is, undoubtedly, the iconic cake of this company, which (for this reason) decided to make it in different variants. One of these is Bria Colomba, perfect for Easter and available in the 950 gr. format. Besides Bria Colomba Classica (with raisins and raisin wine), have also been created Bria Colomba Zagara (with orange candied fruit and a syrup of orange blossom liquor), Bria Colomba Limoncello (with candied Sorrento lemons and limoncello) and Bria Colomba con Pesca e Vino (with candied peaches and a syrup of local and organic red wine). The list does not lack those most loved by customers, that is Bria Colomba with Rum and Chocolate, Bria Colomba Mokanero (with dark chocolate and coffee). The delivery service is active, ordering from the online shop, or (in the areas surrounding the bakery) from the App "Uscio e Bottega". What are you waiting for? Run and buy one (or two) now!

The delicious colomba of Nannini pastry shop

Pastry shop Nannini
Strada delle Frigge, 5 (Siena)
0577 236009

Now a symbol of Siena, Pasticceria Nannini enchants the world with its gastronomic specialties. For the Easter holidays, don't miss their doves made according to the classic recipe, in the chocolate version (with chocolate drops) or with berries and almond flakes. There are two sizes available: 750 gr and 1 kg. Moreover, always in this period are not to be missed the Palombelle. They are dove-shaped ricciarelli with almond sauce and orange peel... a real treat! Another iconic product of this company and endowed with the IGP mark is panforte. This is made in two different ways: the Panforte Margherita (the most loved by customers) and the Antico Panpepato (this is the original panforte from the 1400s, with a decidedly spicier taste). The products of Pasticceria Nannini are without secrets and made only with selected and genuine ingredients. The delivery service is active throughout Italy (including the islands), by accessing their online shop, or by telephone reservation.

The traditional dove of Pastry Shop Peccati di Gola

Pastry shop Peccati di Gola
Via Enea Silvio Piccolomini, 43 (Siena)
0577 283155

Born out of Antoni Betti's love for pastry, Peccati di Gola has always made beautiful desserts... and especially delicious ones! Three different doves have been created for Easter: the Classic one (with candied fruit and raisins), the one with white chocolate and apricots (made with candied apricots, white chocolate drops and a white chocolate glaze) and the one with ginger and fondant. The latter is prepared with candied ginger and dark chocolate drops; the whole is then covered with a dark chocolate glaze inserted before baking... mouth-watering! This is a very slow process (it takes 3 days of processing) and only top quality products are used. It is available in 1 kg format (considered the best to enhance in a balanced way all the flavors present in doves and ensure its natural softness). Unmissable during the rest of the year is their Fetta al latte. It is a soft cocoa cookie with Namelaka, a delicious vanilla cream, inside. Finally, a favorite of their customers is their Wokka, which is a chocolate and pannacotta mousse with Tonka (a type of cocoa bean).

The delicious colomba of Salza pastry shop

Borgo Stretto, 46 (Pisa)
336 5464165

With an unparalleled reputation for quality, a commitment to absolute prestige and a legacy that dates back to 1898, Federico Salza is the premier luxury caterer in Italy and abroad. During the Easter holidays, their handcrafted doves (classic with Sicilian orange peel and chocolate) and their 1 kg Easter schiacciate remain unfailing. The latter have a shape similar to that of a panettone with aniseed liqueur inside. There are many delicacies that are daily produced in a totally artisanal way, however a prominent place is given to their chocolate. This is found in many of their sweets. Among these, one of the most
appreciated by customers is Torta dei Bischeri, made with chocolate, rice, candied fruit, pine nuts and a crumbly pastry. Moreover, the Italian-French line of this pastry shop is evident in desserts such as croissants (with butter and sourdough of the highest quality) and Frambua, a semifreddo with chocolate and raspberry cream. There is an active delivery service, totally free in the area of Pisa (while outside the city the rate is fixed at 15 euros).

The delicious colomba of Pastry Mearini

Pastry shop Mearini
Via Montalbano, 65 (Pistoia)
0573 739623

In this pastry shop, creativity passes directly from the hand of the artist to the product, reducing the use of machines to a minimum. It is this (combined with the use of specially selected products and the love for pastry transmitted from one generation to the next) that makes its products really good. On the occasion of Easter, numerous doves were made, produced by a combination of tradition and innovation. Among these we remember: the Classic one (with raisins and candied fruit), the chocolate one (with 60% dark chocolate) and the one with pistachios from Bronte. Very popular with customers is the one with fresh fruit (for this year will be included berries)... which gives an inimitable softness and sweetness to the dough! Absolutely to try! The Colomba with candied citrus fruits and the one with raisins only (to satisfy everyone's needs!) are also inevitable. On the other hand, different from the others (because there is no surface glazing) is their Colomba Briacona, made with a 50% chocolate and 50% liqueur. The available formats are 500 gr and 1 kg. There is an active delivery service, accessible from their online shop.

The gluttonous colomba of Confectionery Fratelli Lucchesi

Fratelli Lucchesi Confectionery
Piazzale Matteotti, 55051 (Lucca)
0583 723193

Founded in 1982, Fratelli Lucchesi Pastry Shop has always been committed to the scrupulous use of high quality raw materials and local products. On the occasion of Easter many doves have been made. Starting from the Classic one (with orange candied fruit, totally handmade, covered with icing and almonds), the shop window is also filled with the Colomba con amarena (with candied cherries made by them, then covered with icing and almonds) and the Colomba ai Tre cioccolati (filled with dark, milk and white chocolate and iced with these 3 chocolates). For dark chocolate lovers, their Chocolate Colomba is a must, with dark chocolate in the dough and in the icing that covers it. In addition, due to the exponential increase of pistachio lovers, a Pistachio Colomba has been created... a real treat that you absolutely must not miss! This one was made with a mixture of Pistachio Paste and cubed pistachio cream. The whole thing is topped with a pistachio and pistachio glaze. Icing on the cake: the bakery offers a sac à poche filled
with pistachio cream
... it will be used to further stuff your dove! A real delicacy! Each of these is made in many different sizes: 300 gr, 500 gr, 750 gr, 1 kg, 2 kg. For this company the leavening process is fundamental, in fact it uses only mother yeast and respects the natural time of each cake (for doves it is about 48 hours). Another truly unmissable cake
of this confectionery is Pasimata: it is a traditional cake, very similar to a panettone (it also needs 48 hours of leavening). The ingredients are few, simple and genuine: raisins, aniseed, eggs, sugar, butter, flour, water and sourdough ... the recipes of Pasticceria Fratelli Lucchesi are without secrets! The delivery service is active throughout Italy at a fixed cost of 10 euros.

The delicious dove of Pastry Corsini

Pastry shop Corsini
Via delle Cellane, 9 (Grosseto)
0564 956787

It is a story made of bread and cookies, of butter, milk and wheat scents, which began in 1921. The attention that Corsini devotes to the preparation of its leavened cakes (such as doves) is inimitable. In fact, their care in the selection of ingredients, respect for time and the use of sourdough give their products an unmistakable flavor. On the occasion of Easter festivities, this company has created a wide range of products, in order to satisfy everyone's needs. It goes from the traditional Colomba Classica (available in 920 gr. format) to Colomba with apricots (with semi-candied apricots in the dough). Not to be missed is the Colomba ai Tre Cioccolati (Three Chocolate Colomba). This one is made with dark, milk and white chocolate drops; it is covered with a dark chocolate glaze and is further garnished with 3 chocolate drops... a real treat! For lovers of dried fruit, not to be missed are the Pistachio Colomba (filled with pistachio cream and covered with pistachio chocolate) and Hazelnut Colomba (with hazelnut cream inside and covered with hazelnut chocolate). Much loved by customers is their Colomba al Caramello, made with caramel cream, caramel chocolate coating and sanded almond sticks.

The delicious chocolate dove of Dolce & Gabbana and Fiasconaro

Dolce & Gabbana Collection
After the success of the panettone, the Dolce & Gabbana and Fiasconaro collection never ceases to amaze us, proposing another delicacy of the pastry tradition of Easter: the dove. Three different variants, placed inside magnificent tins specially designed by Sicilian artists who were inspired by the white and blue majolica of the island. Available is the classic Colomba made with Sicilian almonds, but (for the greedy ones) there are also the Colomba with Sicilian chocolate and the one with chocolate and Sicilian wild strawberry jam... absolutely to try! To place your order is really simple! You just need to access the online shop and you will taste a real specialty!

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