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Antica Osteria da Divo
January 25, 2024

The best restaurants in Siena

Where to try real Sienese cuisine

The treasure of beauty, art and culture that Siena holds is announced from afar to its travellers. Just like its beauty, the most authentic and ancient flavours are also an added value, the ancient buildings tell of a cuisine built up over time and still deeply rooted in the territory.

On a tour of Siena, even a one-day one, it is indeed impossible not to stop at the city's most renowned trattorias and osterias to taste its typical dishes. Here are the ones not to be missed!

  • Osteria Le Logge
    Via del Porrione, 33
    ph. +39 0577 48013

The restaurant Osteria le Logge was born from the passion for food and wine that indissolubly united Gianni Brunelli and his life partner, Laura. In 1977, the two decided to put all their energies into opening this restaurant a stone's throw from the Piazza del Campo. The cosy ambience, with its veiled nostalgic taste, where the osteria still finds its home today, was for years the home of the Barblan & Riacci grocery store, of which Gianni, moreover, did not want to change much. The most authentic values of the osteria have been recovered and the kitchen has been transformed into an emotional journey that winks at gourmet catering and signature dishes. An immediate cuisine, a menu linked to selected producers and raw materials, to give guests a satisfying moment that brings back the quality of time and the tradition of sitting at the table.

Osteria Le Logge

  • Enoteca I Terzi
    Via dei Termini, 7
    ph. +39 0577 44329

The Enoteca I Terzi is located near Piazza Indipendenza and about 100 metres from Piazza del Campo, at the confluence of the terzi (thirds) (hence the name) into which the city is divided: Terzo di San Martino, Terzo di Camollia , Terzo di Città. The restaurant has splendid brick vaults and is built around two sides of a very old stone tower from the 12th century known as the 'Torre dell'Orsa' or 'dei Ballanti'. On one of the two sides facing the interior of the Enoteca, the only access door to the tower opens, which, due to its small size, is called the 'Porta del Morto' (Dead Door). In a comfortable and elegant ambience, one can appreciate the careful search for quality found both in the wine cellar and in the care of the raw materials with which the dishes are composed.

Enoteca i Terzi

  • Osteria da Divo
    Via Franciosa, 25/29
    ph. +39 0577 286054

A characteristic restaurant on three levels where you can enjoy refined dishes of Tuscan gastronomy. The environment, unique in its kind, lends itself to convivial moments where the culinary proposal is based mainly on tradition and seasonality with a special eye on the performance of strictly express dishes. A part of the menu is dedicated to truffles all year round, and the wide choice of wines allows one to fully appreciate the ancient flavours and fragrances of a world-famous cuisine.

Antica Osteria da Divo

  • Casato Ristorante Wine Bar
    Via, Casato di Sotto, 18/26
    ph. +39 0577 891893

A few metres from Piazza il Campo is Ristorante Casato, the perfect setting of style and elegance for dinners with friends and family. The cuisine is refined, capable of satisfying every palate, even the most demanding. In addition to excellent cuisine, Ristorante Casato offers a wine list that goes perfectly with the dishes chosen.

Casato Ristorante Wine Bar

  • Osteria Il Grattacielo dal 1840
    Via dei Pontani, 8 angolo, Via dei Termini
    ph. +39 331 7422835

Opened in 1840, it is the oldest osteria in Siena, whose name Grattacielo derives from the fact that patrons can even touch the ceiling by raising their arm. It is a small and characteristic restaurant, a guarantee of quality and uniqueness, which aims to introduce some of the most delicious Sienese delicacies to most people. Dishes are carefully cooked and presented to the public in a simple, abundant way and with exclusive Sienese products.

  • Taverna di San Giuseppe
    Via Giovanni Duprè, 132
    ph. +39 0577 42286

The Taverna di San Giuseppe is located in the heart of historic Siena. The restaurant is set in an 1100s building and has an original Etruscan house dug out of tuff and staked by hand, now used as a wine cellar. Tradition and creativity are the leitmotif of the menu, with some historical dishes and other novelties linked to the evolution of Tuscan home cooking culture. A cuisine that combines the traditional spirit of the best local products with modern reinterpretation to create dishes that reach people's souls.

La Taverna di San Giuseppe

  • Mugolone Ristorante
    Via dei Pellegrini, 8/12
    ph. +39 0577 283235

A historic restaurant whose management has marked the life of a family that has lovingly dedicated itself to the culinary art for almost 70 years. Since 1950, the ancient flavours and unmistakable aromas of recipes prepared with care and feeling have merged with the character, temperament and passion for 'home-made' cuisine. Mugolone therefore brings Tuscan tradition to the table, revised and renewed in a contemporary key.

Mugolone Ristorante

  • Compagnia dei Vinattieri
    Via delle Terme, 79
    ph. +39 0577 236568

The Compagnia dei Vinattieri offers a sensory journey capable of giving vigour and new style to each recipe. The essence of each dish is the perfect fusion of tradition and innovation in a riot of unique flavours and colours. A skilfully studied cuisine that is accompanied by a list of fine wines kept in evocative cellars that bear witness to the existence of the ancient spoils. A magical atmosphere ready to welcome every type of event.

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