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Palazzo Salimbeni Firenze

Mila Montagni
ph. Ottavia Poli

January 3, 2020

The courtyards of the most beautiful buildings in Florence

Discover an unusual Florence with us!

Florence is a city that seems to have no gardens. Centuries ago, the city walls were constantly extended to make room for more buildings and workshops. And so, green spaces were recreated in the courtyards of the wealthy and aristocrats.

Palazzo Frescobaldi, Firenze

They were not exactly gardens in the ancient meaning of the word,

Palazzo Vecchio, Firenze

but they were always designed to feature a fountain in the middle- like at Palazzo Vecchio and the nearby Palazzo Gondi

Palazzo Gondi, Firenze

or to be evocative of floral and tropical motifs, such as at Palazzo Bartolini Salimbeni and Palazzo Ximenes, whose courtyard is filled with statues and its sight is so exciting for those who walk into it.

Palazzo Ximenes, Firenze

Not to mention the monumental courtyard of Palazzo Corsini, overlooking the Arno river, or the Bargello’s courtyard decorated with dozens of coats of arms.

Palazzo Corsini, Firenze

A tour of the courtyards of Florence’s most beautiful buildings is an excellent and uncommon way to explore the city. They represent a heritage of beauty and art and come in many different styles.

Museo del Bargello, Firenze

Many were the aristocratic families, each with a different history, and many and different are their courtyards, designed for everyday use and a model for subsequent constructions, such and Istituto degli Innocenti. Its two courtyards are the first in the history of architecture which divided the world into two realms, one for men and one for women.

Istituto degli Innocenti, Firenze

Today, these courtyards are hidden works of art, to be looked at with new eyes every time.

Aria Art Gallery

We will guide you on the tour along the Arno river and its centuries-old history. Without every forgetting that splendor resides in every home.


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