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Museo Nazionale del Bargello Museo Nazionale del Bargello

Museo Nazionale del Bargello

Dedicated to Medieval and Renaissance art, the Museo Nazionale del Bargello is located in Florence’s historic Palazzo del Podestà. On the first floor, the impressive Sala di Donatello (Donatello Room), home to the Florentine artist’s most famous works—David, Attis, Saint George, ‘Marzocco’ as well as Luca della Robbia’s tin-glazed ceramic sculptures, and Ghiberti and Brunelleschi’s bronze tiles for the famous competition to design the doors of the Florence Baptistery. Subsequent rooms house the collections of Islamic art from the Carrand donation, the Chapel (with the oldest known portrait of Dante Alighieri), the Sala degli Avori (Ivory Room), the Sala del Trecento (‘Fourteenth-Century Room’), and the Sala delle Maioliche Italiane (Italian Ceramics Room). The last floor houses the world’s most important collections of masterpieces by Andrea and Giovanni della Robbia, the Sala dei Bronzetti (Room of Bronzes), the Sala di Verrocchio (Verrocchio Room), the Sala del Medagliere (Medals Room), and the Sala dell’Armeria (Arms and Armors Room), displaying arms and armor that survived the dispersion of the Medici Armory.

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