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ARCTURUS e SUN - Antonio Signorini, Firenze
October 11, 2022

The exhibition Attraverso by Antonio Signorini opens the new Oblong Contemporary Art Gallery

Contemporary art also arrives in Piazza del Carmine, Piazza San Firenze and Piazza del Grano in Florence

The new Oblong Contemporary Art Gallery has opened in Florence, joining those in Dubai and Forte dei Marmi. The opening of the new Gallery is dedicated to Antonio Signorini, an artist to whom the first exhibition in the new spaces is dedicated, where an important nucleus of collectable works is presented, including numerous medium and large-sized sculptures and a significant body of works on canvas.

Antonio Signorini at OBLONG sede di Firenze Antonio Signorini at OBLONG sede di Firenze

Until 31 January 2023, Warriors, Dancers, Flying Horses and a never-before-seen Ancestral Mask will make up the exhibition itinerary of the ATTRAVERSO. Antonio Signorini, one of the exhibitions not to be missed in Florence in the coming months.

The exhibition ideally joins the large exhibition that will see Signorini's monumental sculptures in three squares in the historic centre of Florence, Piazza del Carmine, Piazza San Firenze and Piazza del Grano, a public exhibition organised by Oblong Contemporary Art Gallery in co-production with the Municipality of Florence. In particular, in the very square where Oblong Contemporary Art Gallery's new premises in Florence are located, Piazza del Carmine, one can admire Arcturus and Sun, the two monumental bronze flying horses that reach a length of 10 metres each.

In Piazza San Firenze, the two dancers flank the GUARDIAN OF THE SKY and the GUARDIAN OF THE FAITH. These are two hieratic figures captured in dynamic poses and in the act of fighting.

Antonio Signorini Firenze Il GUARDIANO DEL CIELO e il GUARDIANO DELLA FEDE - Antonio Signorini, Firenze Antonio Signorini Firenze

LUCE is an unprecedented sculpture representing an ancestral mask. Installed in Piazza del Grano, it brings the viewer closer to the form that characterises the face of Signorini's works: a form that spans space and time, uniting past and future.

Antonio Signorini, a sculptor of Tuscan origin who has lived and worked for a long time between Dubai, London and Florence, is known for his sculptural works: subtle, hieratic and solemn figures that are projected into the present from a past time as they rush towards the future. Through his works Signorini recounts the styles of ancient civilisations: dancers, guardians, horses that take shape in the space where they intersect with refined harmony and elegance. They are sculptures where the seductive uniqueness of the forms is characterised by the millenary aesthetics reminiscent of the great archaeological discoveries and, at the same time, are illuminated by features and forms that seem to come from tomorrow.

Antonio Signorini at OBLONG sede di Firenze

"The new Florence location was born thanks to the commitment of three Florentine entrepreneurs, Patrizio Lari, Jacopo Ciglia and Claudio Lari, who have always been involved in producing and promoting art and beauty. I am particularly happy to have found in them three partners moved by great enthusiasm for the development of the Florence location and, in particular, for having believed from the outset in the potential of the Oblong Contemporary Art Gallery project, already consolidated in the Dubai and Forte dei Marmi locations with major exhibitions also in public spaces and with institutions and with the trust of refined Italian and international collectors,' declares gallery owner Paola Marucci.

Constantly moving between Italy, London and Dubai, Signorini in his travels is always in search of something to ignite his work, governed by the awareness that iconographic roots are common to multiple cultures and do not belong to specific territories. The title of the exhibition, Attraverso (Through), conveys precisely the sense of the journey that is part of Mediterranean culture and beyond. The sculptures on display represent the Tuscan artist's period of full maturity from a formal point of view, for the skill of their realisation and for the immediate synthesis of images that work at first glance, except that they then invite a reflective and concentrated gaze.

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